30 Weirdest Things People Have in Their Bathrooms

30 Weirdest Things People Have in Their Bathrooms. We’ve seen some weird bathrooms in our time, but these are by far the weirdest bathrooms around. They’re bathrooms that left us wondering if anybody put any thought into them at all. They’ve got some crazy things in them. For example, we found one bathroom that features three guns and a stroller. Sounds sane, right? (The answer is no. None of those belong in the same room.) We saw a lavish, Instagramable bathroom with a fur rug in the tub. Sure, it’s got the dramatic look that will get you some likes by people who aren’t thinking clearly, but somebody out there is showering on a wet, moldy fur rug. Ew.

We also found some fairly normal things in abnormal spots. Anybody want a TV straight out of 1993 right beside their toilet? No takers? We thought not. How about a corded phone? You’ve got to be ready to take your client’s calls at any time! Of course, you can’t forget about the radio/toilet paper hybrid. It would have made its owner millions if it had caught on back in 1953.

That doesn’t even begin to cover everything. Trust us, we’re just getting started. If you’re looking for a cheap, space-saving apartment, why not combine the bathroom and the kitchen. One family did, and the results are stunning! (Just kidding. It’s disgusting.) Perhaps you’d like to have some great views of the backyard. Maybe you’re sick of having to step away from the conversation at your cookout. If so, just install massive glass doors in front of your toilet like one family did.

You’ve never seen bathrooms quite like these.

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