30 Worst Hoarding Cases Ever

Growing up, our moms probably kept everything we ever gave them. If you have kids, your fridge probably looks like a kindergarten art-show. If you’re a grandparent, your walls probably have more photos than wallpaper on them. That’s normal! We keep things that have sentiment to us. Why? Because it’s hard to throw something away, no matter how trivial it is. There’s memories attached.

Sadly, though, some people struggle with a mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, typically referred to OCD. Many people think that OCD means you have to keep everything hyper-organized or, if they know the topic well, completely germ-free. Those aren’t the only routes that OCD can take. It makes the afflicted feel compelled to do something, that they have to do something. There’s no other option. This has led to a group of people we call hoarders. Sometimes, they still manage to be over-all healthy individuals, but many times, their compulsions override our natural drive to be healthy.

Hoarding leads to some gross, sometimes gruesome things, so proceed with caution. There’s a lot of hoarding cases out there, but they’re always surprising. Most of the time, your neighbors don’t know what’s going on inside your home, and you don’t know what’s going on in theirs. Hoarders often stay unhelped for years. These are the worst of those cases.

Image via: Pinterest.

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