30 Worst Movie Adaptations of All Time

30 Worst Movie Adaptations of All Time. For some, hearing that your favorite book will be turned into a movie can be the best news ever. The Harry Potter series was lucky enough to have a great book to movie adaptions that fans adore years later. The Lord of the Rings series also did a great job with adapting something so fantastical into a movie trilogy that’s loved by many (if not all).

However, the news isn’t great for everyone. Some fans take the news with a heavy dose of trepidation. After all, some books that turned into a movie destroyed what they loved. Take Mortal Instruments, for example. The movie deviated so far from the book and made so many unnecessary changes that it felt like a completely different series. Then, there’s the recent Dark Tower adaption that pissed off fans of the series all over the world.

These aren’t the only two books to movies that did a horrible job. There are actually more than we can count. Instead of going over every single one, we’ve picked out the worst of the worst. While some of these made fine movies, they didn’t make the fans (and sometimes the author) proud. Then there are the ones where the author walked away crying due to what happened to their beloved piece.

Of course, we’ve included The Dark Tower on the list, but what are the other 29? You’ll have to click to find out! These are the worst book to movie adaptions of all time.

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