50 Worst Summer Blockbuster Movies of All Time

The summer is one of the biggest time for movies. It’s when kids are out of school, people are out doing things, and we’re all trying to escape the heat by watching a great movie. In the past, we’ve had some great blockbusters that have changed everything we knew about films. Many comic book movies have blown away the summer box office including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and even Iron Man. Disney also has a habit of coming out with its best films during the summer – think Ratatouille and Wall-E.

With that being said, we’ve also been duped time and time again. Some summer movies had the potential to be utterly fantastic. We saw the trailer, and everything looked fantastic. However, when we walked out of the movie theater, we were appalled with what we’d just seen. The movie was bad – not just regular bad but really bad.

Even though movies are hailed as a “blockbuster hit” doesn’t mean it was any good. We’re going to go over some movies that were a commercial success, but everyone universally agreed that it was horrible. These are the films that betrayed your trust and made you think twice before heading to the theater for a supposed “blockbuster.” 

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