35 Naughty Christmas Cards That Will Make You Blush

35 Naughty Christmas Cards That Will Make You Blush. Christmas is on its way and so are all the cards with cheesy family photos we are about to start discovering in our mailboxes. Why not be honest with ourselves for a change and reflect on what Christmas is REALLY about: too much food, ugly sweaters, annoying family members, useless gifts, and an empty bank account. It's such a wonderful time of the year to veg out and binge Christmas specials on TV. And what can be better than revealing your true Christmas spirit in a form of a witty, dark-humored card that will make your grandma's skin crawl and your parents wonder what's wrong with you. And even if the only person who will appreciate your sense of humor is your uncle who everyone says has lost touch with reality, not to worry, the important part is that you stayed true to yourself. 

We're still laughing at these creatively naughty Christmas cards we wish our families were cool enough to send out. Put that "Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer" song on, pour yourself a glass of wine, and check out these 35 hilarious top picks we took the liberty of compiling together for your entertainment.  

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