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35 Worst Trends of This Decade


Kids have been challenging each other to do stupid stuff since time began, but YouTube provided a platform for the stupidest trends on Earth. Some of them included the Tide Pod, cinnamon, and Kylie Jenner challenge. Cinnamon was particularly dangerous because the spice soaks up any liquid in your mouth, making it impossible to swallow. The Kylie Jenner challenge involved inflating your lips by sucking on a cup, which actually caused one girl’s lips to bust open.  

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Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties started as a cute concept, but now it’s getting totally overblown. Sometimes, the reveal is even dangerous. At one point, someone’s vehicle caught on fire because they were using it to create the colored smoke. Even the creator of the gender reveal party, Jenna Karvunidis, admitted that the whole idea is stupid.  

Kardashian Plastic Surgery

The Kardashians are a trend (remember Paris Hilton?), but people are actually getting surgery to exaggerate their body type to look like Kim Kardashian. Why anyone would want to get permanent surgery to mimic a temporary trend is beyond us. Eventually, this body type will fall out of favor, and then what?  

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People jumped on the vaping trend pretty quickly, particularly teenagers and young adults. Many people thought it was safer than smoking, but now we’re learning that it’s equally as dangerous. Putting those dangers aside, plenty of people also thought they could vape inside buildings where smoking isn’t allowed, forcing us to smell their vape juice. FYI, it doesn’t cost a thing to be considerate toward others.  

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YouTube Family Channels

YouTube family channels have gotten really popular this year, and we mean extremely popular. Some of the top channels on YouTube are family channels. These people often exploit their children (and their audience, which is largely children) for views. Not to mention, there’s an issue of pedos being out there watching kids. Police even investigated one channel (DaddyOFive) for child abuse, which can be seen in the videos posted on the channel.

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Moustache Trends

Why did moustaches ever get this popular? People had necklaces, shirts, rings, home décor, and more. Then, of course, there were the stupid slogans like “I moustache you a question.” Ugh. Now, that stuff is pretty cringy. Thankfully, we got our senses about us and moved on.  

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Here’s the thing with cryptocurrencies – they aren’t regulated. It’s legal, and businesses are welcome to accept them as tender, but it’s complicated. BitCoins were some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and they made the news because they were worth so much in U.S. dollars. However, later in the year, they were worth practically nothing. Then, they were worth something once again. You get the point. It’s worse than the stock market.

Gaming Microtransactions

Gaming microtransactions have taken over the market. In fact, some games are free and only make money off of their microtransactions – Fortnite is an example. However, some games you pay for and still have microtransactions for characters and other things that should be included in the game. Most famously, Battlefront 2 by EA caused a major controversy that even led to investigations in countries like Australia, Singapore, and the European Union.  

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Constant Movie Reboots

It seems like everything in theaters is just reboot after reboot. Nothing defined 2010-2020 more than the continuous reboots to movies we’ve seen a million times. Disney is rebooting all of its popular Golden Age movies (Dumbo, Aladdin, etc.), Ghostbusters have two reboots already, Child’s Play, Hellboy, Godzilla, The Planet of the Apes, Mad Max, the Mummy, and more. Not that they’re all bad, but can we get some originals, please?

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“Social Experiments”

This is kind of a twofer. First of all, this whole act of doing something terrible and saying, “it’s just a prank!” Yeah, it isn’t a prank. A prank is something that both people find funny after finding out what’s really happening. Furthermore, calling it a “social experiment” after it all goes wrong doesn’t change a single thing. It’s still a crappy thing to do.

Fidget Spinners

Say it with me: fidget spinners are toys. Scientists looked into fidget spinners and found that it doesn’t help anyone with mental disorders like ADHD. All it does is distract kids. It became such a problem that schools had to start confiscating them from classes. Some of them were pretty costly, too, so hopefully, parents weren’t out too much moolah.

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It’s perfectly alright to change your opinion and thought process after you learn more information about something—as long as that information comes from a reputable source. That’s how knowledge works! A mom on Facebook that has a lot of time on her hands isn’t a firm substitute for a scientist with hundreds of hours in research and schooling. 

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Eyebrow Trends

People did stuff to their brows before this decade, sure, but this decade brought some pretty crazy ideas. There were feather brows, squiggle brows, braided brows, double brows, and so many more. The Instagram Brow is even becoming too much. Whatever happened to having eyebrows on your face and letting them do their thing? A little grooming is all that’s necessary.

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Does anyone remember polio? It was a crippling disease that appeared in the ’50s. There were large outbreaks, and it’s estimated that 20 million people who have been paralyzed due to the disease. Do you know why it’s not any higher? A little thing called vaccinations. Disease can run rampant when it isn’t kept in check. Since anti-vaccination became such a huge trend, entire school districts have temporarily closed because so many children were sick with something easily preventable.  

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First of all, we have images of Earth from space. Then again, that’s a whole new matter. Some people think that we never went to space! Okay, even if you don’t believe that, you can actually see the curve of the Earth at certain altitudes. The Earth was suspected to be spherical as early as 64 BC. Even Homer knew around 8 BC. Now, all of a sudden, people think that it’s flat?

Cancel Culture

For those that don’t know, cancel culture is when a person is called out for doing something socially unacceptable to the point where they can no longer continue their lives professionally. Sometimes, it’s so bad that they’re harassed into deleting their social media accounts. Nowadays, someone doesn’t even have to do something particularly horrible to suffer the wrath of “cancel culture.” It’s time to stop this madness.  

Millennials Killing Any Industry

Millennials aren’t killing any industry. Industries die because times change. The video rental store died out because everyone can stream content. We don’t have to anywhere. Retail stores are dying because we can buy stuff online. There were reports that baby boomers killed the typewriting industry, but they just moved onto computers.  

Everything Pumpkin Spice

Even we gotta admit that pumpkin spice lattes are pretty good. Pumpkins have always signaled fall, but now, it’s pumpkin spice flavored products. Heck, we even have pumpkin spice dog treats! It’s gotten out of control, and we need to stop this business going into the next decade. Pumpkin spice lattes won’t go anywhere, but pumpkin spices Oreos should.

Baby Shark

If we have to hear “Baby Shark” one more time we’re going to go insane. It’s been remixed into oblivion and even infiltrated other music genres! Parents with kids already have to listen to the same song a million times and hearing it everywhere from grocery stores to TV commercials makes them want to stab their ears.  

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Snorting Condoms

This trend is disgusting. The only plus side is that they aren’t used. Teens created this challenge to snort a condom into their nose and pull it out of their mouth. Not only can it cause major issues like infection and sinus problems, but it can also lead to suffocation. It’s just dumb to put something like that in your sinus cavities.

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Serving Food on Anything but a Plate

Does anyone else remember the trend when hipsters would put food on anything but a plate? Shoes, shovels, seashells – nothing was too crazy to serve food in. The last thing we want is to be served food in something that goes on our foot. Also, a shovel isn’t practical because it’s heavy, and the handle is too long.

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Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style was a dance song that was popularized in 2012 – yes, it’s been that long. Today, the video has over three billion views. It originally started as a commentary on the Gangnam District of Seoul, where the style of dress is very particular. However, everyone focused on the dance, and it became a viral hit.

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Planking, Tebowing, Etc.

This one has a lot of variations. Planking, Tebowing, and Owling are just a few. This is when someone strikes a stupid pose, or in the case of planking, laying down flat somewhere a person probably shouldn’t. There are even videos of people planking on escalators, which is pretty dang dangerous.  

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YOLO and Swag

These phrases were used so much that now everyone winces at the thought. YOLO, you only live once, and swag were words someone said after doing something stupid or careless. Honestly, “cringe” is beginning to reach the same notoriety. Everyone and their mom uses the word “cringe,” so it’s probably time to let that one go, too.

Pointless Social Media Debates

Remember Yanny or Laurel? While that one was pretty popular, the most popular social media debate is probably the dress that was either blue and black or gold and white. We’re sure everyone knows already, but people see and hear different things. The dress was based on the color of your screen!

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Harambe was the gorilla that was put down because a child got into his pin. We’re not going to comment on why the child was there, but it was a very unfortunate circumstance that led to a few changes within zoo policy. The reason it made this particular list is because it became a god-tier meme. Pour one out for the boys.

Facebook Games

Does anyone remember getting 20 Facebook game notifications a day? Most of it was Farmville, but there were a number of games that people constantly tried to push our direction. They just need one more friend to get the special, limited-time item! Facebook finally pushed the ability to hide certain notifications, and we were all freed from this injustice.  

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No, we’re not going to let crocs go. They’re comfortable, yes, but they look terrible. There are plenty of comfortable shoes that are also stylish. We’ll admit that they aren’t $20, but shoes are very “you get what you pay for.” Honestly, even Uggs are better than these atrocities.  


For years, we’ve been fighting for advertisements to show a real body image and not photoshopped ones. It led to a lot of body dysmorphia in young girls for millennials. Unfortunately, this type of stuff came back thanks to apps that allow Facetuning. Now more than ever, men and women (and girls and boys) are bombarded with unrealistic body shapes edited by technology. At least we can laugh at the horrible concoctions.  

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Duck Lips

When a girl takes a picture or a selfie, they’re known for “duck lips.” Yes, it was a terrible trend that’s been around for decades, but this is the decade where people began to point out how ridiculous it was. Girls and women have finally stopped, but now we have to suffer from the flat face in selfies; you know the one where it looks like we stole their parking spot.  

Hashtagging Everything

#this #has #to #stop #already. Some stuff doesn’t have to be hashtagged! Some Instagram posts have a sentence for a description and then a whole paragraph of hashtags. We also have stuff in real life that’s hashtagged! The point of hashtags is to help search-ability, so why do we need a sign that says “#goals” in real life?

Chevron Everything

Sometime during this decade, it became a good idea to put chevrons on everything. Rugs, wall décor, furniture, kitchen accessories – nothing was spared. It became so overdone that it’s become a major décor faux pas. Fight as much as you want, but it’s like the “Live Laugh Love” sign. It’s time to put it away.  

Popeye's Chicken Sandwich

Not the chicken sandwich itself, but the hype around it. There have actually been major fights caused by the sandwich! Come on, people. It literally looks like two chicken tenders on a bun. It cannot be good enough to threaten someone’s life. In fact, we’re not sure we’ve had any fast food that’s good enough to hurt someone over. 

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Goth and Rainbow Food

Today, it’s all about whether or not your food looks good. It doesn’t matter if it tastes good. It doesn’t matter what it does to your body. That’s what we think every time we see pure black food, like this pure black ice cream. Then, there was the rainbow food trend. Some places used natural dye, but we don’t need all that fuss. Give us a plain ol’ bagel, please.  


It’s been proven time and time again that cleanses are unnecessary. Now that influencers are popular, juice cleanses and other types of “body detox” have become incredibly widespread—all to make a fast buck. Here’s the thing about your body: it’s perfectly capable of detoxing itself. That’s what your liver and kidneys are supposed to do. If they weren’t working, you’d need a lot more than kale to get the bad stuff out of your body.