40 Celebrities We All Thought Were American (But Aren't)

40 Celebrities We All Thought Were American (But Aren't). We love watching TV and movies. It’s basically an American past time. With that being said, we wanted to bring up a specific topic in particular. We just had to say that actors and actresses are incredibly good at what they do. Well, not all of them. Some of them are really horrible, but some are just the bee’s knees.

Don’t believe us? Actors and actresses can be so great that they can dupe you into thinking they were from a foreign place. Did you ever watch a movie and assume the person was from England, Germany, or Italy? We can’t help but recall all the films we’ve seen where an American actor feigned a British accent, and we later found out who they really were! Boy, the accent was spot on.

That road goes both ways, you know. Sometimes, we watch a film and think an actor is American. Later, we find out that they’re actually from another country and it blows our mind. Sometimes, they even have an American accent that’s irrefutable!

Well, America is known as the melting pot of the world, and it’s no different when it comes to Hollywood. Some of America’s most famous actors weren’t actually born in the country at all – not that anyone could have guessed.

We made a list of 40 celebrities you’ve seen in films and thought they were 100% American only to find out otherwise. Who knows – maybe you’ll be surprised by some of the actors and actresses on our list!

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