40 Craziest Things Seen on the Subway

Ask anyone who lives in a major city and taking the subway will probably be high on their list of terrible things. At its best, riding the subway means you'll be packed like sardines into a tiny car that shuttles you to your location. At its worst, it means dealing with all the weirdos and rude people that seem to magically appear when public transportation is involved. But if you're able to weather all everyday bad behavior of your subway comrades, sometimes you're lucky enough to see something so bizarre and hilarious that it's worth the trouble. 

Today, we're taking a look at 40 of those crazy moments. From folks taking fashion to strange new places to scenes that leave you asking, "What's the story behind that?", these weird subway pics will almost make you want to give public transportation a try. ALMOST. 

Let's get started--hope you've got enough money on your MetroCard for the trip! 

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