40 Crazy News Stories That Could Only Happen in Florida

40 Crazy News Stories That Could Only Happen in Florida. When you hear something on your news, you may not think twice about it. Maybe you get the occasional weird story that makes you laugh out loud as opposed to blowing more air out of your nose than usual. That isn’t the case with Florida. Some of the stories leave us with a question that burns to be answered: What is Florida?

It honestly seems like the state is another dimension of ridiculousness where common sense doesn’t exist. The people seem very strange, and a lot of them seem perfectly okay with taking off some (or all) of their clothing. Sure, not everyone in Florida is insane, but there’s plenty of news story headlines that make the rest of us wonder what’s going on. Does Florida need help? Should we help them or leave them on their own?

Well, whatever the answer is, we can enjoy the stories while they come out. Even in the last few years, Florida has come out with the most insane news headlines you’ll probably ever read. Would you ever hear “Drunk Florida Brought Alligator on Beer Run” in your home? That actually happened in Florida.

For fun, we decided to compile 40 of the craziest and funniest headlines involving “Florida Man,” “Florida Woman,” and general Florida headlines that only really happen in that state. We hope you get better, Florida. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

All new stories are taken from local Florida websites.

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