40 Historical Misconceptions We All Believed

40 Historical Misconceptions We All Believed. We’re gonna be honest. When we were kids, we learned a lot of crap. A lot of us didn’t have great history teachers, and most of them were coaches that didn’t really care about the subject. Thanks to that, there’s been a lot of historical misconceptions that have spanned generations. Our parents thought it was fact, told us, and our kids will likely learn something similar, too. Unfortunately, we can't have a class that debunks history misconceptions alone.

For example, did you know that Betsy Ross didn’t design the American flag? We’ve all seen that painting of her stoically sewing the flag so that America can fly it high in the sky, backdropped by the rocket’s red flare. Ross didn't design it at all! Another guy did, and he also worked for the U.S government regularly. How come we don’t know his name?

Some of these made a lot of sense, but some people just never thought hard enough. Hitler saying he created the autobahn? Come on. The timelines almost line up, but he didn’t have a lot of input on something that was being built before he became chancellor.  Then there’s the whole Thanksgiving myth we’ve heard every year.

The sad fact of the matter is that reading through these historical misconceptions had us wondering, “do we know anything?!” Let us know if there are any historical misconceptions you hear all the time! Do they grind your gears as much as some of these do ours?

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