40 Best Baby Names for Southern Girls

40 Best Baby Names for Southern Girls. Baby names are always super fun to think about, even if having a baby may not be a top priority at the moment. Names always have interesting meanings and stories behind them. Some parents decide to go with some kind of theme when naming their kids. Geekier parents may choose to name their kids after their favorite characters or actors. Sporty parents might name theirs for their favorite athletes. The possibilities are endless!

Southern baby names are known for being classics, dripping with that southern charm that everyone admires so much. Elegant, fun, timeless, and a little bit sassy, names with a southern flair will help your daughter feel like she just stepped off the set of Gone With The Wind.

Help your daughter embrace her inner southern belle, no matter where you're at in the world. These names are classic and classy enough to make your bubbly little girl stand out in a crowd.

Traditional southern names usually have unique origins from all different places across the globe and unique meanings that can capture your daughters' spirit. To help give you a few ideas we've compiled a comprehensive list of 40 of the best southern names for baby girls and their meanings. These will be perfect for your sweet-as-honeysuckle southern belle!

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