40 Worst Acting Performances of All Time

These acting performances definitely didn't win any awards. Being an actor or actress can be pretty tough. It isn’t like everyone has the talent to pretend to be someone or something else for months at a time to create a movie that’s two hours or so. Several actors and actresses are known for being able to perform their roles well, including Sir Ian McKellen, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, and the famous Daniel-Day Lewis. It doesn’t matter what you throw at them, and they’ll be able to roll with it. Actually, we take that back.

Even well-known actors and actresses have been given roles that are a little tough. Their portrayal can end up changing the tone, which isn't great if a scene is supposed to be scary. We do have to say that it isn't always their fault. Sometimes, the script doesn't give them freedom while other times, it’s their fault due to over-acting or merely using an accent that’s incredibly distracting.

We’re going to go over some actors and actresses that completely bungled their performances. They went over the top or didn’t go close enough to the top. At best, it ruined the scene, but some of these performances down-right ruined the entire movie. Just as a note, we’re not saying these actors are horrible or that they can’t act – just that they couldn’t act well in these particular movies.

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