45 Celebrity Stunt Doubles That Will Make You Do a Double Take

45 Celebrity Stunt Doubles That Will Make You Do a Double Take. The point of a stunt double is to stand in for a famous movie star without the audience knowing. They have been professionally trained over the course of years in safety techniques that allow them to perform those kick-butt fight scenes or crazy action shots that would otherwise be too dangerous for someone with limited practice (or given only a few safety tips right before the stunt).

Not only do they perform these death-defying stunts, but they don't get paid anywhere near the millions that famous stars who lead these feature films do. Plus, they don't even have their own Academy Award category! Every year, a vote among academy members is taken on whether or not to add an award for stunt coordinators, and every year the result is the same. No.

So we thought that we would celebrate some stunt doubles for the work that they do! As part of that, stunt doubles are often chosen for their resemblance to the actor they are standing in for. Sometimes a little makeup and wig work is in order. But with these 45 stunt performers, even when they are standing side by side with their lead actor counterparts, it's hard to tell the two apart! Even if they are different genders!

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