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5 Questions That Need to Be Answered in Scandal's Midseason Finale

The midseason finale of Scandal is finally here, and our questions will (hopefully) finally be answered as well. In case you’ve forgotten some of the key moments from season four (and who could blame you – there have been so many), here are the five questions we’re so over asking.

  1. Where in the World is Mama Pope?

    This question is guaranteed to be answered in the midseason finale, because by now we’ve all heard the fabulous news that Khandi Alexander, who plays Olivia’s terrorist mother, will return. So how is she getting out of that hole Papa Pope put her in? What trouble will she stir up? Who will die due to her return?
  2. Who is Stalking Olivia Pope?

    This storyline has dragged on for so long now that you may have forgotten it. Here’s the run-down: Remember the mother who went to jail for killing her daughter, although Pope and company found out that she didn’t kill her daughter; someone else, who really wanted the files she had, did it. And then he killed her best friend, and then the first girl’s father killed himself, and Quinn found the file and it turned out to be filled with pictures of Olivia? Give or take a few minor details. Anyway, the point is that this storyline was introduced at the very beginning of the season and we still have zero answers. So who done it?
  3. Who is “Lizzie Bear” and Why is the VP Having an Affair With Her?

    I know I wasn’t the only one screaming at my TV during the last five minutes of season 4, episode 8. Right after Andrew, aka the Vice President, reconciled with Mellie, he was hooking up with Portia de Rossi’s character, Elizabeth, aka “Lizzie Bear,” leaving all of our jaws on the ground. Who is this woman, anyway? Does anyone know her job title? And what is her connection to the pictures of Olivia Pope? Even just answering one question about Lizzie Bear would satisfy us at this point (that, and the whole last episode turning out to be a dream sequence so that Andrew never really ran around on Mellie, but that seems unlikely).
  4. Will Cyrus Find Love in a Hopeless Place?

    Will Cyrus’ affair be leaked to the press in the midseason finale? We wouldn’t be one bit surprised – because, you know, we all assumed this would have happened weeks ago. The only shocking part of this whole storyline is that when Cyrus, aka the king of blackmail, met Michael, a young, hot prostitute hired by Lizzie Bear to get information out of him, he didn’t find anything fishy about the encounter. But the real question here: how will Olivia Pope fix the mess Cyrus created?
  5. Who Will Olivia Choose?

    Jake. Fitz. Team Olitz. Team Olake. Although Olivia will probably never choose (and even if she does, it’s obviously not permanent), a girl can still dream.
Last Updated: November 19, 2014