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5 Things You Missed at the 2015 Academy Awards

If you didn't watch the 2015 Academy Awards, we have a list to help catch you up on what you missed. That way, you can fake your way through any work conversations without feeling left out. These are the five Oscars moments that are sure to get the biggest buzz when Monday morning rolls around.

  1. Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith Define "Mother-Daughter Moment"
    Remember the days of getting ready for prom? You and all of your friends went over to one house because some unlucky mom was trying to act like it would be a “cool parent move” to host a half dozen 16-year-old girls who are all just a slip-of-the-finger away from burning the house down with a curling iron. Then the mom dared to ask the group a question, and your friend became so angry at her mother’s incompetence that she could crush a glass in her bare hands. Well, that happened live on national television. Except that the little girl was a 25-year-old grown woman.

  2. NPH Pulls a Birdman
    After a commercial break, host Neil Patrick Harris channeled his inner Michael Keaton when he was locked out of his dressing room in between costume changes wearing only his bathrobe. As they say, “the show must go on” so he ditched his robe and introduced the next presenter wearing only tighty-whities. Was it funny? Meh. Did he want to show off his stuffed underwear? Most likely.

  3. Meryl and J-Lo’s Budding Friendship
    Patricia Arquette defiantly called for gender equality and equal pay in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress in one of the night’s most rousing moments. The entire audience cheered and applauded, but no one loved it more than Ms. Streep. When she looked around to see who agreed with her, Jennifer Lopez was right by her side wanting more. Whoever was in charge of seating arrangements, we applaud you for starting this dynamic duo of glamorous goddesses. Girl power, for the win.

  4. A Glorious “Glory” Performance
    Yes, Lady Gaga performed, and she was very, very good. But, she was also a little boring without her usual theatrics. The performance of the night most definitely goes to John Legend and Common for “Glory.” It was all the superlatives you could think of, and more. Afterwards, the Academy might have realized its mistake in not giving Selma more nominations, and the performance brought David Oyelowo and Chris Pine to tears. Yes, tears. Not a single tear. Chrissy Teigen sad face tears.

  5. Graham Moore’s Acceptance Speech for The Imitation Game
    If there was an award for Best Speech, it would go to Graham Moore, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game. It was short, funny, touchingly sweet, vulnerably personal, and immensely impactful. If this one and a half minute clip doesn’t inspire you to be a better person, then why are you even watching? The video may be a little fuzzy, but the message is crystal clear!

Last Updated: February 29, 2016