50 Most Annoying Songs Ever

50 Most Annoying Songs Ever. Getting lame songs stuck in our heads can be the worst. Some songs are just so annoying that most people can't really stand them. They can be annoying for a thousand reasons. Maybe the song just doesn’t sit right. Maybe the lyrics are just insanely dumb or cliché. Maybe it's reminiscent of a weird memory. Whichever way we want to look at it, we know two things about annoying songs: the radio will play it fifty times an hour, every hour, and it will be stuck in our head for weeks.

Pop songs aren’t created by accident, though. There’s a science to creating a sensational song. That’s why they all sound the same! The music industry knows what chords to play, how fast to play them, and what words to sing. It’s a science they have perfected that makes them money and ruins your day at the same time.

You’ll see a lot of the same things in these songs. The chorus repeats itself a thousand times. The lyrics are kind of gloomy and romantic. The chorus is perfect for singing along with — which you’ll do before you realize the song is now stuck in your head.

Typically, we like these songs for a few days before we realize that, oh no, this is another hit. It’s going to be played so many times I’ll end up hating it. It’s too late then. Here’s a list of songs that we can’t stand now. They might have been decent at one point, but they sure are ruined now.

Do you agree with us? Are you sick of hearing these songs on the radio? Or will they never grow old? Let us know in the comment section!

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