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6 Things Chuck Norris Totally Totaled

And Then There Were Four

There were originally 5 presidents at Mt. Rushmore, but Chuck Norris didn't like the fifth one so he tore it down. That president has since been removed from history.

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

The Sphynx was rumored to be more handsome than Chuck Norris so he promptly judo chopped its nose off.

He Has a Dust Allergy

Once a sneeze caught Chuck Norris unprepared while fighting some lions in the Colloseum and half of the building was blown off.

A Hero Was Born

Back in 79 A.D. an immortal punched his way out of Mt. Vesuvius. Thus Chuck Norris was born, but unfortunately it was also the last we heard of Pompeii.

(Image via Flickr, CC)

Big Game Hunter

Chuck Norris hunted the dinosaurs into extinction, and that's why we have bag limits and animal preservation laws.