Oprah is excited and it is for Harvest Day

6 Times Oprah Has Never Been Happier

Oprah has a lot to be proud of between essentially inventing daytime television and creating her own television network. If you looked at her Instagram, however, it seems that Oprah is happiest when harvesting incredible produce from her garden. We can't blame her. This place must be the Gucci of farmers' markets because these veggies look almost too good to eat, especially in those huge French baskets. And can we talk about Oprah's glasses? Nerd game on fleek. Please invite us over for dinner!

Turnip greens for days! She loves her garden so much that she harvests on her birthday.


Harvest day birthday! Purple cauliflower.. Yellow peppers, fennel. Broccoli, turnip greens.

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Oprah's love of harvesting is second only to her love of bread.


Still harvesting in Nov. #harvestday

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Even Stedman gets in on the action. Completely unbridled farm-to-table joy.


Just picked 'me. gonna cook 'em for Easter dinner. #turnip greens #harvestday

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We're going to use "#HarvestDay" on all of our pics if it makes us look this happy.

Even Oprah knows the power of good guacamole. For real though, give us links to shop for these glasses.

No distance is too great for Oprah on Harvest Day


Flying to sweet home Chicago with Sadie and yesterday's Harvest!

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Last Updated: March 09, 2016