Mariah Carey wearing sunglasses

7 Times Mariah Carey Was a Major Diva

Mariah Carey has a 5 octave vocal range, but that’s not her only claim to fame. Miss Carey knows how to get what she wants, and diva behavior isn’t uncommon for her. Here are 7 times that she acted like a total diva.

  1. She Needs to Look Perfect
    She’s such a diva that she gets her hair and makeup touched up while she’s on stage. She admits to the diva behavior and laughs it off.
  2. Expensive Requests
    A tour rider is a document that includes all the demands and amenities that a performer would like present in their dressing room and for their performance. Mariah has some expensive requests, like Cristal champagne (which she drinks with bendy straws), no harsh lighting, and no patterned or bright colored furniture. It doesn’t get much more diva than that.
  3. She Set High Expectations for Her Kids
    Even in motherhood, which is often a humbling experience, Mariah doesn’t change her ways. She had a live performance of her song “Fantasy” playing when she was giving birth so that her twins could hear applause as they entered the world.
  4. She likes to Show Off
    When Mariah let everyone take a sneak peek at how she lives on MTV cribs we definitely saw the home of a true diva. Not only did she change outfits 6 times during the tour, she showed off rooms that no one used, extravagant extras like a hair salon, and even jumped in a bubble bath.
  5. She Can’t Work on a Team
    Her stint on American Idol really reflected her diva behavior. She struggled to get along with fellow female judge Nicki Minaj and even hired more security claiming she was in an “unsafe work environment”. Her attitude on the show screams diva and she only lasted one season. She said in interviews after her time on idol that she hated it and wasn’t at all like she imagined it to be.
  6. She Goes Overboard in Caring for Her Voice
     Ever wonder about Mariah’s sleeping habits? She says she sleeps with 20 humidifiers in her room to care for her voice. Her bedroom has to have a sloped ceiling so the water can drip easily down the sides.
  7. She’s an Attention Hog
    Mariah doesn’t like sharing the spotlight with anyone. Especially one of her backup singers as evidenced at the 3:04 mark by her telling one of her backup singers “stop singing my part now, baby”. I’m sure that backup singer had to look for a new gig.
Last Updated: July 09, 2015