9 Celebrity Power Couples With a Cause

We’ve seen a lot of couples split up over the last couple of years, and it can be a serious bummer. We want our favorite couples to stay together forever, but it’s just not to be sometimes. Thankfully, many couples are still together for the long run. They’ve been together for decades and still going strong. We’re sure they take “till death do we part” seriously. Granted, you don’t have to be together for years and years and years to be considered a great couple. Some are great couples because they have something to fight for together.

Yes, fight for. We’re going to call these couples with a cause. Some of Hollywood’s biggest A-list couples use their power for good.  They use their money promote charities and do humanitarian work – the world can use a little altruistic behavior. They’re known for doing whatever they can to raise money for people and animals in need. Many celebrities seem to care deeply for their chosen causes and devote a lot of time, attention, and money to them, and it’s amazing to see what they can accomplish using their fame for others. Here are nine celebrity couples who use their fame for charity work. 

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