amy poehler playing mom to aubrey plaza

9 Reasons You Secretly Wish Amy Poehler Was Your Mom

Don’t get me wrong, I'm sure you love your mom. I'm just saying that if you were ever forced to pick a new one, your vote should be Amy Poehler all the way. Here are nine reasons she’s everything you could want in a mom and more!

  1. She’s hilarious. 
    Every project she touches is comedy gold. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that every bone in her 5-foot-2-inch body is made of comedic genius. (I don’t have medical proof of that, but I’m sure when we develop hilarity-seeking X-rays, my hypothesis will be confirmed.) Sure, you love your actual mom's terrible puns, but the living room would constantly be a comedy club if Amy was your mother!
  2. She’s a “cool mom" on screen.
    Tina Fey wrote the role of Mrs. George in Mean Girls specifically for Amy, and she rocked it! Even though it’s obvious that Mrs. George is a hot mess of a mom and not someone capable of actual parenting, you have to admit there are worse moms out there.
  3. She’s a "cool mom" in real life.
    The off-screen Amy is definitely not a Mrs. George. She’s a put-together, easy-going, wonder mom of two adorable boys. She doesn’t shy away from adventure or mess, and even with her insanely busy schedule, she makes time to go stargaze or stroll around the farmer’s market with Archie and Abel, her adorable sons that we're all admittedly jealous of right now.
  4. She’s a champion of girl power.
    Amy may be raising boys, but she’s still all about empowering girls. Smart Girls is a website founded by Amy Poehler and Meredith Walker that's dedicated to showcasing talented, smart girls around the world and encouraging other young women to follow in their footsteps. 
  5. She (and her characters) give great advice.
    From her memoir Yes, Please to her brilliant role as Parks and Recreation go-getter Leslie Knope, Amy has dished out all kinds of wisdom. There’s an Amy quote out there for every situation, so you know she'd give solid motherly advice.
  6. She tackles tough times like a classy champ.
    In Yes, Please, Amy reflects on her divorce from Will Arnett with grace, charm, and class. There’s no tell-all exposé, but her honest account of ending a nine-year marriage and moving on is better. She worked hard to perfect a co-parenting system that works for her, Will, and most importantly, Archie and Abel. That’s an A+ mom, right there.
  7. She still knows how to have fun.
    For three years in a row, Amy (and partner-in-crime, Tina) made the Golden Globes seem more like a chill dinner party full of people you’d like to hang out with than an awards show full of A-list movie stars who are way cooler than you. And really, if she can make Hollywood stars seem relatable, you know your family Christmas party would be at least 50% more fun if Amy was your mom.
  8. She’s awesome at everything.
    We have Amy's mad acting, writing, and producing skills to thank for shows like Broad City, Parks and Recreation, and Difficult People. If she’s had a hand in its creation, you can bet it’ll be worth watching. Just imagine if you'd had Amy to coach you through all your school plays. Definite mom material!
  9. She never lost touch with her inner kid.
    As a kid, one of the hardest things to do is talk to an adult because, well, they’re adults. Most grown-ups lose touch with what it means to be a kid, but Amy obviously hasn't. For proof, you just have to watch her gut-wrenchingly sincere portrayal of Joy in the movie Inside Out, which is all about how it feels to be 11 years old.
Last Updated: September 16, 2015