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Behind the Scenes of the 2016 Grammys: Best Celebrity Instagram Posts

Justin Bieber: He's Just Like Us

Justin took his kid brother as his date to the Grammys, so he had to make sure his skin was baby-smooth. (It's just too bad that face mask didn't rip off his gross 5 o'clock shadow.)

(Image via justinbieber)

Demi Woke Up Like This

If you're a loyal follower of Demi on Instagram, you already know she posts makeup-free selfies every single Monday -- and Grammys Monday was no exception!

(Image via ddlovato)

When Taylor and Selena Heard the Big News...

...that Taylor's video for "Bad Blood" won the Grammy for Best Music Video (watch the full video of the freak-out below). Between this and Taylor's other BFF, Ed Sheeran, winning for Song of the Year, it was a pretty emotional night.

(Image via taylorswift)

Uptown Strut

Because if a star says they're not rehearsing an acceptance speech (aka dance), they're lying.

(Image via brunomars)

Relationship Goals With Chrissy and John

John Legend was the real winner of the night, obviously.

(Image via eonlinestyle)

Photoshop Magic With Ariana

Ariana had a little fun on the way to the Grammys (because what else are you supposed to do in a fancy limo other than decorate yourself with cucumber filters?)

(Image via arianagrande)

Carrie Underwood Sees Her Reflection

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who has the biggest hair of all?

(Image via ryanseacrest)

Makeup Break

Carrie may be married, but performing with Sam Hunt is no small feat. A girl's gotta look her best.

(Image via carrieunderwood)

The Bowie Tribute You Didn't See

Lady Gaga slayed on the Grammys stage during her tribute to David Bowie, but before she took the stage, she shed a single tear for the music legend (but just one; she can't mess up that metallic blue eyshadow, after all).

(Image via ladygaga)

BFF Goals

Taylor ditched Calvin Harris and stole the red carpet show with her bestie Selena. These two are the definition of BFF goals.

(Image via taylorswift)

Little Big Town Kept it Chill

Little Big Town gave us a glimpse of what really goes down behind the scenes of the Grammys -- turns out it includes a lot of coffee.

(Image via littlebigtown)