Biggest Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – especially if you’re a wealthy celebrity! The three-month salary “rule” gets utterly ridiculous when you think about how much celebs make on a monthly basis. Millions? Millions. It makes you wonder if they follow the rule, but taking one look at their ring finger will answer that question. Yes. Yes, some famous couples obviously do. 

While some choose a smaller ring that’s delicate and compliments their hands, others go for the biggest ring they could possibly find. Honestly, it makes you wonder if it weighs down their fingers. Do they strain to lift their hand? Does it bang on everything they pass? All jokes aside, some rings look down-right inconvenient and annoying when you think about it. Heck, some of them even look like costume jewelry.

Whether you love them or hate them, we’ve found some of the most massive stones that rest on the hands of starlets that want nothing but glam. Our slideshow counts down to the most prominent engagement rings that have ever graced the red carpet, whether the couple got married or even if they broke up.

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