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Celebrities Poke Fun at How They Market Themselves On Social Media

Dolly Parton

Dolly started this trend, so it’s no wonder that she’s the undisputed champion of this meme. It’s funny, it’s accurate, and it’s all Dolly

Her Tinder photo might be risque, but honestly she’d probably do just fine on there with any of these pics. Who’s gonna swipe left on Dolly?  

(Image via Facebook)

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen should say yes to more celeb pics and no to those LinkedIn glasses! They don’t say, “Business woman,” as much as they scream, “Harry Potter.” 

And while that Tinder pic may be a joke, black and busty is not the worst look on her!

(Image via Instagram)

Gordon Ramsay

He may be different in every photo, but I can’t help but feel like Gordon Ramsay is still on the verge of yelling at me. And I wouldn’t doubt that his baby could dress me down too. 

That Tinder pic is beyond comment, though. The monstrosities on Kitchen Nightmares pale in comparison to Ramsay in a wet suit. 

(Image via Instagram)


Why is Oprah even pretending like she’s got to act like different people on different platforms? She could become a nudist and cyberbully overnight and people would still flock to her. 

Also, I don’t believe for a minute that Oprah has ever served shots or set foot in a grocery store! That being said, she’s got probably the best Tinder photo of the bunch. 

(Image via Instagram)

Jennifer Garner

It’s really a shame that things didn’t work out between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Because she is not going to be pulling in any new men with that Tinder photo. 

This is definitely the most wholesome version of this challenge. And considering that it’s Jennifer Garner, would you expect anything else? 

(Image via Instagram)

Conan O'Brien

Conan and nudity don’t mix, and I wish he would learn this. That Tinder photo will haunt my dreams. 

And maybe Instagram Conan could take a few lessons from LinkedIn Conan. Or maybe he’s just as drunk but better at hiding it! 

(Image via Instagram)

James Corden

James Corden is nothing if not consistent--all of his pictures are annoying. Someone needed to say it. 

But if you put that aside, he’s got one of the better Instagram pics. At least it’s not the same boozy pic that everyone else has! 

(Image via Facebook)

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart really missed an opportunity with this one. She could have easily beaten everyone at this challenge if she had included a prison pic for LinkedIn. 

That Tinder photo is something else, though. She looks like she did just fine in the dating world without the help of the internet. 

(Image via Instagram)

Doug the Pug

When it comes to social media, Doug the pug is kind of a mess on all platforms. Thankfully, he’s a dog, so he’s blissfully unaware of his own trend chasing. 

I’m sure he’s matching like crazy on Tinder with a pic like that, though. Let’s hope he finds love. 

(Image via Instagram)

Kerry Washington

If we’re giving these a grade, Kerry Washington gets a solid C. She completed the assignment, but it was nothing to write home about. 

Okay sure, she’s in lingerie in one photo, but even skimpy outfits can’t make up for this unfunny snoozefest. 

(Image via Instagram)

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The first three frames of this are nothing to write home about. But the hilarious Tinder pic makes it all worth it. 

I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character from Cruel Intentions ever pops up on Tinder, do not swipe right! 

(Image via Instagram)

Jimmy Fallon

If there’s one thing you should learn from these, it’s that most celebrities would probably crash and burn in the online dating world if they weren’t famous. Sorry, Jimmy but you’re gonna have to show some skin on Tinder. 

That being said, his Instagram photos screams, “You can never have too much guacamole,” and I think that’s a sentiment we can all get behind. 

(Image via Instagram)

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain made a fatal Tinder mistake--you never put up pet photos. It doesn't matter how hot you are, you're always gonna be upstaged by something cute and fuzzy. 

If I were her, I'd use that Facebook photo to nab me a 19th-century oil baron. That's assuming that they still exist. 

(Image via Instagram)

Mindy Kaling

Mindy started strong with a LinkedIn photo ripped straight from The Office. But then things veered back into boring celebrity territory. 

When it comes to Instagram and Tinder, it seems like she's more interested in showing off her closet than anything else. But it's a nice one, so who can blame her? 

(Image via Instagram)

Mario Lopez

Does anyone really care about anything but Mario Lopez’s Tinder pic? Let’s be honest with ourselves, here. 

And in true Tinder fashion, that photo of him is outdated. But it’s not as if present-day Mario Lopez looks any worse!

(Image via Instagram)