Celebrities We Lost This Year

Celebrities are constantly moving in and out of the public eye. The talented, beautiful, and fresh-faced young actors might become Hollywood legends, or they could fade into obscurity. You never really know who is going to hold onto the spotlight and who will be happy to live a semi-normal life in private after they’ve had their taste of fame.

No matter who is currently the most sought-after talent in the industry, it’s important to remember those who have entertained us. Each celebrity, whether they’re an actor, painter, athlete, an author, or chef, gave part of their lives to us, the fans. Each year, many celebrities pass away from a wide variety of reasons. Some grow old and die surrounded by family, some take their own lives, and others are lost in tragic events.

We’ve already lost many celebrities this year, and the year isn’t over yet. You might have lost a well-loved icon that inspired you or helped you through hard times. One thing’s for sure; every name on this list will be greatly missed. They might not have had a huge impact on your life, but there’s bound to be a group of dedicated fans mourning the loss of each of these individuals.

To acknowledge this, we’ve compiled a list of celebrities we had to say goodbye to this year. Many of these people are actors, but others have had an impact on the world in different ways. Keep reading to learn more about the lives that have been lost this year while remembering their work.

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