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Celebrities Who Have Not Aged Well

Axl Rose

Who didn’t have a crush on Axl Rose? As the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses he made many hearts flutter, but not so much now. The years of drugs and a rock-and-roll lifestyle has left him looking a little leathery. You can really see the toll that age has taken on him when compared to bandmate Slash. For running with the same crowds, that guy has aged relatively well. But don't get us wrong—we still love Axl no matter what he looks like! 

Keith Richards

Keith Richards may be 73, but he looks 93. Time may be the culprit, but we’re guessing it was heroin and the other substances he used back in the 70s. It was hard to make it through that decade without hearing something about his drug arrests, and it shows on his face.

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Mick Jagger

Rock and roll isn’t kind to people, as we see with Jagger. His face is starting to look like a pin cushion. Sure, he’s not young like he used to be, but he looks much older. Old or not, he’s still successful. Do you have the moves like Jagger?

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is just 31. I know it’s hard looking at her nowadays, but she’s been rough on herself. Lohan may deny that she’s had any plastic surgery, but it’s obvious. Add that to her drug use and drinking, she’s starting to look more like 40 or 50.

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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler used to look great in youth, but not so much anymore. The singer has been just as rough on his body as he has his vocal cords. While his vocals are still working great, his face is starting to look like a road map.

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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne was the Dark King of the 70s. Women wanted him, and men wanted to be him—but not so much now. He’s starting to look ragged and worn. Apparently "bad blood" isn’t a great way to stay young.

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Boy George

Boy George can put on a ton of makeup, but we know what’s underneath. He’s starting to look older and older every year. You may not even be able to recognize him without his flawless skin and dramatic eyeshadow.  

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Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons wore a lot of face paint, but he still looked pretty good underneath. As time goes by, he’s looking a little less so. Oh well, his trademark tongue is still just as long, and he can still rock out like the best of us.

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Iggy Pop

What happened to Iggy Pop? Was it his lust for life? Whatever it was, his entire body has wrinkles. We’re guessing it was his extensive drug use. Even though he tried to wean himself, it still took an obvious toll.  

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Pamela Anderson

It was hard to get through the 90s without seeing Pamela Anderson running in slow motion on the beach. Now, she looks completely unrecognizable. In the quest to stay young, surgery has made her look ten times older.

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Ted Nugent

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