A celebrity weighing herself for her weight loss program

Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

Middle-class Americans are not the only people who struggle with weight loss and workout routines after the holidays or the birth of a child. If you are wanting to make a New Year’s Resolution and choose a weight management plan for your life, check out which weight loss or weight management programs have been successful for some of these celebrities.

  • Jessica Simpson.
    After giving birth, Jessica Simpson turned to Weight Watchers to shed her post-pregnancy weight. She did successfully lose 60 pounds on this program, so she then decided to serve as a spokesperson for the company. To this day, Simpson has indeed kept off the weight that she lost through the program. Weight Watchers is a very popular program that is based on “points.” Every type of food is allotted a certain number of points, and each user is allowed to eat up to a set number of points each day.
    Users are also encouraged to start an exercise routine for weight loss as a way to supplement their daily points and even attend meetings to gather additional support from their peers. This program is very easy for anyone to start using because it is relatively inexpensive and widely available. You can easily find the number of points for just about any kind of food, so you are not restricted to specific, company-made dishes.

  • Mariah Carey.
    In 2010, Mariah Carey signed on with the weight loss company, Jenny Craig. Carey wished to drop her postpartum weight, which she was able to accomplish. She lost 30 pounds on the system and has still managed to stay at her new, healthy weight. When users first join Jenny Craig, they are given a consultant, who is usually someone that has been through the program themselves. The consultant helps the user set goals for themselves and supports them every step of the way. The Jenny Craig program focuses on portion control and provides users with every single meal. This program option is great for those who do not have time or nutritional knowledge to plan out their meals.

  • Dan Marino.
    Marino is a spokesperson for another famous weight loss company, Nutrisystem. He lost 22 pounds while on the system, and has not gained the weight back since. Nutrisystem also focuses on portion control, as opposed to counting calories or carbs. Users choose daily diet plans that appeal to their personal preferences, then the meals they pick are shipped to them. Users typically eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to stave off hunger.
    This program also emphasizes exercising, such as on a treadmill or exercise bike, as part of the weight loss program to boost metabolisms. Nutrisystem is convenient for those who do not have the time to cook their own nutritious meals, plus this program also has ‘Maintenance Mode,” which is designed to help users keep the weight off, even after they’ve finished the weight loss plan.

Last Updated: January 12, 2015