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Chuck Norris vs Bruce Willis: Who Would Win

Ever wondered what would happen if an unstoppable force met an immovable object? So have we. But it’s just too vague to imagine. The closest, most possible real-world instance of this that could ever happen would be a fight between John McClane and Walker, Texas Ranger.

As you probably know, these characters are played by Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris respectively. Both stars are celebrating birthdays this month (March 10th for Norris and March 19th for Willis), so what better time to entertain this epic scenario? So, place all bets: here’s how a fight between John McClane and Walker, Texas Ranger would most likely transpire:

[Warning: language and violence]

Most people would give this fight to Walker in a heartbeat. The man is almost untouchable. Countless lowlifes have tried, but many never manage to lay a hand on the man. Case and point: 

But McClane is no common thug: he operates at badass levels similar to Walker’s. And Walker isn’t invulnerable, as we’ve seen. Though Walker’s stare saved him in this case, remember that McClane is tougher than your average bear. 

Now we’ll concede that, in a straight up fist-fight, Walker would obviously walk away the victor. He’s got more training. But McClane’s not stupid enough to be caught in that scenario. We’re counting on this fight lasting a long time and taking place over a vast area, so the two of them will interact with (destroy) their environment and use it to fight one another.

When it comes to fighting in that fashion, McClane has a slightly more impressive résumé. For instance, when he fought on a plane full of terrorists that he eventually blew up using only a lighter:

Or when he just full on fought a fighter jet:

Since McClane is so tough and more prone to engaging in gun-play, using vehicles, and blowing things up than Walker is, it’s possible that he might kill Walker. Seems unlikely, we know. But it could happen. Still, if it did—If Walker, Texas Ranger was to die—there’s evidence to suggest that the world as we know it may very well end. 

So, in conclusion: if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, the entire world will be destroyed.

(Image via 92147157@N07, CC)

Last Updated: March 11, 2015