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Entitled Woman Pepper Sprays Heart Attack Victim and Paramedics

Guy Collapses Due to Heart Problems

Guy Collapses Due to Heart Problems

So, let's say you’re walking down the street and a guy collapses.

Upon further inspection, you see that he has one of those heart alert bracelets on his wrist.

What do you do?

Naturally, you call 911. It’s the only thing you really can do at that point. That’s exactly what happened to this Redditor. 

The paramedics do their thing and arrive within minutes.

Along with them, the fire department comes quickly in tow.

Anyone who has called 911 knows that you can’t have one without the other!

They arrive in a four-door pick-up and jump out to start taking care of the collapsed guy

Being that he was having heart distress, they had to act quickly.

With something like this, minutes could be the difference between life and death. 

Immediately, he’s hooked up to all these blood pressure cuffs, heart monitors – the works.

It's time to save this guy, right?!

Karen Gets Cut Off

Karen Gets Cut Off

Then, here comes a woman strutting up with a face so red she might also drop from a heart attack.

The Karen starts screaming that the truck cut her off at the intersection.

Mind you, the truck still has lights and sirens, so…not sure why she’s upset.

Getting out of the way is normal for anyone with common sense. 

Time For a Temper Tantrum

Time For a Temper Tantrum

The Karen demands that the paramedic looks at her while she has a five-year-old meltdown.

It isn’t like the emergency medical tech is doing anything important, right?

Instead of giving this lady the light of day, the EMTs continue CPR and the life-saving things you gotta do. 

You know -- because there is a guy currently having cardiac distress in front of them. 

However, there was one issue: one of the EMTs had to grab something in their truck. 

This is when things go from bad to awful. 

When he goes to fetch it, the angry grown toddler steps in his way. 

She starts blocking him from getting to the truck while yelling.

The moment he tries to step around her, the tide turned. 

Karen whips out pepper spray and goes right at his face.

And So She Sprays Everyone

And So She Sprays Everyone

As if that wasn’t enough, she starts pepper-spraying everyone in the general vicinity.

It didn't matter who they were, but the EMTs got the brunt of it. 

The first paramedic that got up was sprayed down as was the second EMT. 

Just for good measure, the Karen also sprayed guy having a heart attack on the ground!

Yeah, you read that right. The guy on the ground!

Let's reiterate: this Karen decided it would be perfectly acceptable to pepper spray EMTs and a guy having a heart attack. 

Clearly, this woman has no heart and only cares about herself. 

A passerby watching the whole thing quickly stepped up to the plate. 

He snatched the pepper spray from her hands to prevent further damage to anyone involved. 

Karen had no right to hold such a dangerous weapon, so he kindly removed it from her hands by any means necessary.

The Police Arrive

The Police Arrive

Thankfully, he also held onto her until the police arrived.

That didn't take long after the commotion started. 

There’s no telling what she’d do next, so he had to keep her childishness contained. 

The paramedics now have their work cut out for them, giving CPR and washing out each other’s eyes.

The police finally arrive, and Karen doesn’t act any better.

In fact, she begins to double down on her bad behavior. You know, as toddlers do. 

The thing about the police is that they don't play around. 

This results in her swiftly getting hog-tied with her shirt pulled over her face to prevent any more damage.

That’s when she starts screaming “Rape!” like that would help her.

Spoiler alert: no one helps her.

Everyone is Recording the Whole Thing

Everyone is Recording the Whole Thing

At that point, she pulls the whole “don’t you know who I am?!” schtick.

It didn’t stop her from getting massively charged with everything in the book. 

At this point, everyone had their phones out and recorded this woman having a meltdown. 

Can't say we wouldn't do the same! She was clearly crazy. 

At this point, her attorneys would really be screwed since there's enough video evidence to make a movie. 

There was no getting out of this, and her attorneys knew it. 

You know who didn't? The Karen!

Prison Time and Then Some

Prison Time and Then Some

Karen was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a weapon on paramedics and two counts of assault on a police officer.

On top of that, she also got one count of aggravated assault with a weapon on the heart attack victim, and finally, resisting arrest.

After the heart attack victim -- who is doing well! -- learned about everything, he decided to sue Karen for $10 million (which she apparently has).

As far as her assault charges, the entire thing was captured on two security cameras and who knows how many smartphones.

When you stack everything up, she faces a possible 65 years in prison time.

We haven’t even brought up the funny part: Her husband is a bank vice president who refused to post her bail.

It took her family 13 days to bail her out. He might seek a divorce after this...