Every Single Must-See Red Carpet Look of 2019

The red carpet is basically synonymous with high fashion and haute couture at this point and will continue to be for many years to come. Red carpet events allow the fabulously filthy rich and famous to showcase just how rich and famous they are with over-the-top, extravagant gowns, suits, and costumes. The red carpet is no stranger to outfits with wild costume pieces (like headdresses that even Cher would be jealous of) and wacky color schemes and themes. It’s a time for regular people to sit back and marvel (or laugh) at the insanity and lavishness of high fashion amongst the famous people that we all adore so much.

All of 2019's events have allowed celebrities to show off the year’s fashion highs (and, fashion lows). So, we took it upon ourselves to create this list that showcases some of the more...interesting celebrity red carpet looks of 2019.

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