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'Gilligan’s Island' Reboot: 7 Actors Who Should Take the Fateful Trip

Mary Ann

Mary Ann was the typical girl next door and served as a foil for the voluptuous Ginger. Sure, she was innocent, but she had an undeniable sex appeal. Even though her ideas weren’t the best in the world (remember her water-proof paint idea to get off the island?), she was definitely smarter than Ginger. Whoever plays Mary Ann has to have some of the same qualities exhibited by the beautiful Dawn Wells. 

Zooey Deschanel

No one is a better girl next door than Zooey Deschanel. She has all the adorable goodness you’d expect from Mary Ann. And sexy? She’s got that down pat. Her work on New Girl and (500) Days of Summer show her undeniable talent and her depth of character. 

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Gilligan is the epitome of awkward and clumsy. Saying that he is accident-prone doesn’t do justice to the amount of times this "Little Buddy" got hurt—like when he was bitten…by a chair. Sure, why not? Bob Denver did an excellent job, so it’d be nearly impossible to see anyone else that can match his comedic rhythm. Is it possible to find someone that is dumb enough to throw the anchor overboard to shipwreck everyone?

Jay Baruchel

Jay Baruchel was born to play the clumsy but loveable Gilligan. He’s made a name for himself playing dorky characters in films like She’s Out of My League, Goon, and This is the End, where he’s clearly the most awkward of the group. Still, he shows a lot of range when it comes to movies like How to Train Your Dragon, which means he can grow just like Gilligan. 

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The Skipper

Skipper was the owner of the S.S. Millow and absolutely loveable, even if he was constantly irritated by Gilligan's antics. Still, they made the best of friends. Alan Hale, Jr. had the perfect mix of slapstick humor and genuine frustration that kept the series going. There’s no doubt that we’d stand by Skipper sides with Gilligan's shenanigans, like the Ginger Grant stories. 

John Goodman

John Goodman is a gift, and there’s no doubt that he’d be able to play the Skipper with the same amount of skill as his predecessor. With roles as diverse as The Flintstones, The Big Lebowski, and Roseanne, John Goodman has proven that he can get angry at the drop of a hat, but he also has a playful side.

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The Professor

The Professor was the smartest of the team and knew everything about botany, law, literature, social science, and art thanks to his long curriculum vitae. He also saved everyone’s lives on several occasions, even if his ideas came with good news and bad news...and more good news, and more bad news. 

Simon Baker

Russel Johnson was the perfect egg-head for The Professor, but Simon Baker is a fantastic successor. His career-defining role in The Mentalist demonstrates that Baker has a quick wit and level-headed expertise. He could definitely make a radio out of a coconut!

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S.S. Minnow

The S.S. Minnow was just as important as any of the characters on the show. The ship brought them safe to the island after Gilligan crashed her by throwing the anchor overboard. The characters attempted to repair her on several occasions, but she was never to sail again….which is also thanks to Gilligan’s miraculous glue. 


The ship needs an upgrade just as much as the characters do and the Nhanya-Ko is the perfect boat to take the Minnow’s place! Keeping with the original plot, Nhanya-Ko is located in Hawaii and offers sight-seeing tours. What makes this ship really different from the original is the glass bottom, which will provide a new element to the wreck and the characters’ survival.

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Thurston Howell III

Jim Backus was a veteran actor with a lot of skills perfect for playing Thurston Howell III. He had the New England elite accent down and played your typical rich guy better than the real thing! Whoever replaces him has to just as believable—and he better love the window seat of the Union League Club!

Steve Martin

At this point, is there anything that Steve Martin can’t do? We know he can play an arrogant rich man because of his performance in The Jerk. Plus, he already has his funny, rich guy voice down from his stand-up routine and his appearances on Saturday Night Live. No one would be a better fit for that Locust Valley lockjaw accent.

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Oh, the will of Kona! The local island god of evil was never too pleased with the castaways for disrupting his resting place. The little Tiki man brought misfortunes onto the Skipper and caused all sorts of havoc with the group. Maybe. It was mostly psychosomatic, which was evident when The Professor saved the day (again!) by recruiting Gilligan to impersonate the great Shaman Watubi. 

Tiki with Tummy Ache

Maybe he isn’t as terrifying as the original Kona, but Tiki with a Tummy Ache could bring new life to this "role". The new Kona is just as mischievous! Think about all the humorous stomach-themed curses he could put on the castaways. Maybe he could even be nice once and awhile and curse them with full bellies. Tiki with a Tummy Ache could easily become more prominent in a reboot and make everyone love or hate him.

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Lovey Howell

Lovey Howell is Thurston’s (usually) dedicated wife—except for when they were having marital problems, and she mentioned her maiden name, Wentworth. The years of wealth have made her accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and she’s unhealthily optimistic, but she’s also kind and genuinely cares about the well-being of her fellow castaways.  

Goldie Hawn

It’s hard to believe that anyone could top Natalie Schafer, but Goldie Hawn would give her a run for her money. Hawn would match Schafer’s larger-than-life personality, and the character is very similar to the one she played in Overboard, which gave us a sneak peek of what she could bring to the table.

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The Island

The Island is essential to the storyline of the show and offered plenty of obstacles for the castaways to find their way around, including deadly bugs and quicksand! The island that takes the place of the original has to be just as wild and scary. 

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll is so terrifying it could blow the old Island out of the water (so to speak). It is uninhabited and located in the Pacific Ocean, south of Hawaii—the nearest large body of land is 3,350 miles away! This island has the tree cover and sandy beaches that are essential to the Gilligan’s Island plot. Plus, there was a small set of bungalows built in 2004, which could become the residence for the Natives. This island has plenty of drama and mystery as well. It’s named after the ship that first discovered it and wrecked there, and a couple was murdered on the island in 1974. It’s no surprise people say it’s cursed!

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Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant is made of the same stuff dreams. She was the sexiest character on the show and had enough on-screen presence to show that she was a huge movie star from day one. As a simple fact, she was the object of desire for many characters, but she was also a smart assistant and was essential in solving problems on the island, like when Skipper lost his memory.   

Christina Hendricks

As we’ve seen on Mad Men, Christina Hendricks holds herself with a confidence that demands attention. It was this same sensuous awareness that Tina Louise brought to the role. Hendricks not only looks like a movie star, but she also looks like she came out of the 1960swhen the show began!

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