'Gilligan’s Island' Reboot: 7 Actors Who Should Take the Fateful Trip

Forgetting Gilligan’s Island is impossible. It was undoubtedly one of the best shows on TV. I mean, it ran for nearly 30 years! That’s the mark of a great show. The first episode aired in September of 1964, and the last one debuted September of 1967. Throughout those years, we became incredibly attached to the men and women that got stranded on the dreaded island with all its deadly bugs and quicksand. If anything, it made me think that there would be much more quicksand than there is in real life!

Don’t you wish you could relive those memories again? Us, too. We couldn't help but think about a reboot. Hear me out – if they got everything right, it would make for a great show to see again. They’d need great writers and directors, naturally. Assuming they had everything they needed, who would you picture as the new cast?

Since the original cast can’t take over the show, we’ve found some actors and actresses that are more than perfect to take over each role. We want to make Gilligan’s Island another popular show of the modern era, and these are the seven people we think should step aboard the Minnow and take the journey to The Island. 

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