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Here's How Much Actors Actually Get Paid for Reruns


Many TV and film actors encounter financial struggles throughout their careers. Unless they’re lucky enough to star in a lengthy TV series or a major motion picture, it’s doubtful they’ve made enough money to retire and move to the tropics after just one gig. They’re constantly looking for their next project and their next source of financial income. But there are some actors who can retire and move to the tropics—if they’re so inclined. In the entertainment industry, actors and directors can receive royalties. These royalties (also known as residuals) are payments made when a TV show or film airs as a rerun, appears on video or DVD, and/or is sold to a syndication—like a streaming service or cable network.

Actors who earn hefty residual payments are taken care of. There’s no pressure to continue working when an envelope arrives each year with a substantial stipend. And if they do continue to work, it’s merely for the love of acting and performing, not for the financial compensation. But there are many actors who receive insufficient residuals, or worse yet—no residuals at all. As their performances are reused, they earn little to no money. We’re revealing how much 30 actors actually get paid for reruns—some residuals are quite impressive, while others...aren’t.



Did you know...

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