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How Babbel Helps You to Speak a New Language With Confidence

With Babbel, You'll Learn to Speak a New Language With Confidence

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a particular culture or you’re traveling outside of the country and want to learn to successfully speak the native language, Babbel can help you to speak it with confidence. There are 14 languages available, and you'll learn through personalized lessons based on interest. Each lesson is short and takes around 10-15 minutes to complete.

In as little as three weeks, you'll have the ability to speak the language of your choice conversationally, meaning you'll be able to have real-life conversations with a local! As long as you make sure to review the content and take the mini-quizzes, you can start speaking a new language with ease. Because the first lesson for all 14 languages is free, it's definitely worth a try. If you like it (and I have a feeling you will), for a limited time you can take 25% off of select subscriptions.

It's Good for Beginners

With so many different options on the market for language-learning software, it can be hard to decide which one will work for you. If you're just starting out learning a new language, this can be especially intimidating because some options just throw you into the language immersion-style.

Babbel starts you out with basic vocabulary and short phrases paired with pictures and voiced pronunciations. You go over spelling, match the vocab with the definition, and use the words in a conversation so that you get realistic practice. You are able to learn at your own pace and repeat lessons as needed, making Babbel perfect for first-time language learners.

It's Good for Those With Experience, Too!

Babbel isn't just great for beginners; it's perfect for those who already have enough knowledge of a language to speak it here and there. If you have experience with a language already, you don’t have to start with the basics on Babbel. You can choose lessons that focus on grammar, cultural context, writing, and the more nuanced aspects of the language.

You get to focus on what you know you need instead of going over the basics, like “Hello” and “Thank you” again. Kaitlin says that “this aspect of Babbel was a relief to find. Most online language-learning software doesn’t take experience into consideration, but with Babbel, I skipped straight to the areas I was lacking in.”

There's a Good Variety

Babbel isn’t just flashcards and vocabulary. It has speech recognition software, so you can practice speaking and writing exercises; plus, it offers culture courses, so you can use idioms correctly and sound like a local. According to Zach, “The different categories of lessons (work, school, and travel) are a great way to gain certain knowledge you need.”

The variety of categories opens up a lot of vocabulary and context you might not otherwise get. These go into specific grammatical points and explain why the lesson is important. With such a large variety of lessons available, you can learn to speak a new language in whatever way is best for you!

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Accessibility Score: A+

Babbel’s language-learning software pairs images with your native language and has options for headphones so you can easily learn new vocabulary anywhere you go —even if you have hearing or visual difficulties. With an intuitive website and mobile app, Babbel is perfect for learning a language on the go.

Babbel also has the added advantage of letting you download content so you can learn to speak a language offline. The voice recognition feature functions well and helps you master your accent, pronunciation, and context clues. This gets you to speak with confidence because you can trust what you learned.

A System That Works

Anyone can use flashcard websites, like Quizlet, to get some quick lessons in other languages. So what makes Babbel different? Babbel teaches you vocabulary, application of those words in conversation, and memorization, followed by a review to reinforce what you learned. Each lesson builds off of the last one, so you will want to feel fully comfortable with one lesson before you can move on to another.

The lessons are short, only lasting about 10-15 minutes. You can choose from different categories, ensuring that you only learn what you want to learn.

Review, Review, Review

Babbel reinforces their lessons through repeated review sessions and mini quizzes without the fear of making a bad grade. They give you review lessons a day after you learn a new concept and give you daily challenges with new words and phrases that match the topic you’ve been learning. Every course, even writing and culture sections, have multiple review sessions.

Learning to speak a new language can be challenging, and Babbel knows that learning is a process; that's why there is so much review! Embrace the learning aspect and accept that you need time and practice to be fluent in any language.

Plenty of Pricing Options

Babbel knows that you might just need a quick refresher before a trip abroad, or that you might want to make learning to speak a new language a commitment. With subscription options varying from one month up to a year, Babbel offers pricing to fit everyone’s needs. It’s $12.95 per month and that cost goes down if you select the three, six, or 12-month plans.

If you want to have access to every lesson for all 14 languages, you can upgrade to a yearly subscription of $126. That works out to just $10.50 a month for thousands of lessons in 14 different languages.

Check out Babbel's pricing and get 25% off on select subscriptions when you sign up today!

Things to Consider

Babbel is such a great tool for learning to speak a new language that there are only a few minor drawbacks. The first is that there are only 14 languages, although most of the major languages are there (Spanish, French, German, Italian)—so it's ideal for a beginner. The pricing might also be a deciding factor for some customers. The price can seem a little high compared to other options on the market, but the quality of the lessons makes the price worth it.

Also, if you learn best through immersion, you should know that Babbel is not an immersion-based learning software. Instead, Babbel's teaching method differs in that the lessons stem from inserting yourself into real-life conversations to speak, which will get you speaking your chosen language pretty quickly!

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The Benefits

I could go on and on about the pros, but we’re just going to hit the highlights. First of all, it features the major languages, like French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Second, the first lesson is free, so you can test whether the language and service are right for you. Third, you can access it anywhere, whether you’re on the go or sitting comfortably at home with a latte. Finally, the lessons are personalized. That’s such a high point because we all learn differently. While I get stuck on spelling, another may have a tough time with pronunciation of the vocabulary. 

Plus, you can take 25% off on select subscriptions for a limited time!

All in all, Babbel is ideal for someone who needs a refresher or someone who is wanting to speak a brand-new language.

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