people watching christian tv shows online

How to Watch Christian TV Shows Online

Sunday morning service is an uplifting start to your week, but what if you’ve had a bad day and need some mid-week inspiration? With the convenience of online streaming, you can now take part in the spiritual experience and sense of community whenever you want or need it. Here are five websites you can check out to watch evangelical Christian TV shows and find support and advice for any situation in which you may find yourself. 

  1. Jimmy Swaggart on
    Jimmy Swaggart is a pentecostal televangelist who wants to spread “The Message of the Cross” to individuals around the world to help them repent for their sins and inspire them to lead enlightened lives. On the ministry’s website, you can listen to his SonLife Radio and watch broadcasts of his televised sermons.
  2. 3ABN on
    The Three Angels Broadcasting Network calls itself the “Mending Broken People Network” because the network provides people with services and messages to help viewers cope with death in the family, divorce, addiction, and more. You can watch all of 3ABN shows and listen to their online radio at anytime on this website. 
  3. Word Network Church on
    The Word is one of the largest African American religious networks in the world, and it makes its message accessible to people across the globe through its online streaming service. To watch their message, you can either visit their website or you can download their app on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or any other mobile device. 
  4. Christian Broadcasting Network on
    This network offers individuals a 24/7 stream of programming filled with different inspirational segments and Christian entertainment, such asThe 700 Club and CBN News. They also offer podcasts, radio programs, and you can even download their app onto your smartphone, so you can get some inspiration anywhere you are. 
  5. Daystar on
    Daystar is another popular Christian website where you can watch programs like Marcus Lamb-Empowered by the Spirit, The Green Room with Jonathan and Suzy, and Marcus and Joni at any time of day or night. In addition to special programs, you can also catch live broadcasts of evangelical conferences periodically throughout the year. 
Last Updated: February 04, 2016