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Karen Tries to Sabotage Neighbor's Christmas Cheer

The Saga Begins

The Saga Begins

It all started in mid-December 2020 when Frank the Christmas Gargoyle was just a pup.

His owner found a note upon their doorstep from an angry Karen.

Karen informed them that the gargoyle was “not appropriate” nor “Keeping with the Christmas spirit.”

Karen ordered them to “rectify the situation immediately.”

Upon receiving this note from the nosey neighbor, the victim did the only thing they could think of doing. 

Removing the gargoyle? Absolutely not. 

Christmas won't be ruined by this Karen.

The owner of the gargoyle didn't falter by removing the statue from their porch.

Instead, they remedied the dire situation by transforming the gargoyle into a blatantly holiday-themed decoration.

Adding a Santa hat makes it "Christmas-friendly," right? 

The gargoyle was too heavy to move, anyway.

It would be a major pain to relocate it, so it remained on the porch.

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Spruced Up with Christmas Cheer

Spruced Up with Christmas Cheer

Shortly after receiving his Christmas makeover, Frank was spruced up. 

See, Karen was still not happy with what was going on. 

Maybe it required a little more festivity for it to be a happy holiday for all parties involved. 

Now, he sported a new Christmas tree by his side and a pile of fake snow material underneath him.

Surely now, Frank was well dressed up for the season?

Surely, there could be no complaints from Karen, right? Wrong.

Twas the next day when Karen left a new note.

This one asked her neighbor if they thought they were funny.

To which the neighbor replied in their Facebook post: yes.

With that being said, they continued to poke fun at the angry Karen. 

The ever-pleasing neighbors added an Elf on the Shelf, while also leaving a note of their own.

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The Elf Sees All

The Elf Sees All

The note was written as though it were from the Elf itself.

It noted that the Elf was “always watching.”

Another thing was also decided that day, which caught everyone's attention around the United States — oh, the drama!

Each day, Frank the Christmas Gargoyle Display would receive a new item each day as a sort of “advent calendar” for the holiday season.

You can bet that everyone on the internet (and around the neighborhood) was deeply invested. 

For the next day, the Frank the Christmas Gargoyle display had a snowman.

In addition to that, in the neighbor’s flowerbed, they found the note they had left.

It had been crumpled by Karen – a sign of a very unhappy and humiliated Karen.

This new move was an act of war.

The war on Christmas is real and this is what it looks like.

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Bringing the Joy of the Season

Bringing the Joy of the Season

It appeared that the Santa-hat wearing Frank the Christmas Gargoyle and his snowman friend were ready to ward off Karens.

The very Karens that wouldn’t otherwise think he’s Christmas-y enough for the holidays.

While neighbor and victim in question knew this was not the intention of the note, the initial post made for a good chuckle at the expense of Karen.

Is it a good idea to challenge your neighbors like this?

Well, if you want a relentless battle, then absolutely.

You better have a strong heart to take on a Karen because a Karen cannot be stopped.

She can’t be reasoned nor bargained with.

Who knows what contacts she has within the HOA?

Still, if you do decide to take one on, take this neighbors advice:

You’d better have fun with it.

Now, we're not saying that like it's the end of the story. 

By all means, this story is only just beginning.

Everyone involved is just getting started with their happy holiday...let's say spirit. 

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A Special Request

A Special Request

Soon after, by special request from one of Frank the Christmas Gargoyle’s fans, a Die Hard display was added.

What can be more Christmas than Die Hard — the best Christmas movie of all time?

Believing that this would further anger the frosty Karen, the neighbors included a photo of Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

Of course, it had to include his famous phrase, “Yippee Ki Yay.”

Just in case it is not clear to you, Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie and we challenge you to say otherwise.

We'll explain. 

The story revolves around a Christmas party that goes wrong.

The plot wouldn’t happen without Christmas, right? Thus, it's a Christmas movie. 

On top of that, the movie also features plenty of Christmas songs and themes of family and friendship.

Rant over.

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The Purrr-fect Addition

The Purrr-fect Addition

Next? The porch needed some cats as part of the display. 

The unfortunate part was that no living cats were willing to participate. 

Thankfully, the neighbor had a skeleton cat from Halloween, but that doesn't matter right now. 

A nice scarf and snowcap were placed on the cat, which instantly landed it in the Christmas category. 

A feline touch is always much appreciated, no matter the type of cat.

To be fair, scary stuff and Christmas have always gone well together like bread and butter and syrup on pancakes.

The holidays are pretty much back to back at this point. 

Before Halloween is over, Christmas decorations and merchandise deck the halls. 

On top of that, Christmas Carol got ghosts in it.

There's also The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins - I mean, the list goes on really.

The spirits are all very much a part of the holiday, so like, get over it, Karen.

Karen's newest note included some pretty rude insults.

She called the neighbor "beyond childish" and said their "behavior is ridiculous."

Furthermore, the decorations were "celebrating death."

For some reason, Karen thought the display was mocking the homeless?

She stated that "unbelievable" that the neighbor would "mock the homeless in such a manner." 

Um, yeah...we're not quite understanding where she's coming from with this one. 

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Now It’s Personal

Now It’s Personal

The Karen took the ugly approach, at this point, and that would garner her enemies in the Facebook group. 

Karen’s left yet another note that was much ruder than the last. 

This one took aim at a new addition, the inflatable Christmas Fiona – the holiday hippo, of course. 

The note additionally included a threat to report the neighbor to the Homeowner’s Association, aka the HOA.

The neighbor responded by leaving a picture of her display at Karen’s door. Will this battle ever end? Hopefully not!

In response, the next day, a festive Christmas skeleton dog was added.

The good boy's only goal was to spread Christmas cheer to all the good little boys and girls.

The dog, which is noise activated, was meant to provide Karen with a nice little fright each time she’d come back to leave a new note.

The next note read, “GO TO HELL!!” and there was also a mysterious wet spot on the ground.

Um...hopefully, the spot wasn't anything too gross. 

Just in case, the neighbors gave the pooch a collar and tags.

They didn't "want Karen reporting me to the county for having an unlicensed dog!" 

It was at that point the neighbor knew that the Christmas display needed to take over the entire porch area. 

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Christmas Hippos

Christmas Hippos

Later, having left a trio of three stuffed hippo toys out on display, Karen responded with a new note.


Having disagreed with this libelous statement, the neighbor added a new sign to their display. 

This one expressly stated that “HIPPOS ARE CHRISTMAS AF!!” and also noted that there’s even a song about it.

Anyone else want a hippopotamus for Christmas? Only a hippopotamus will do. 

Additionally, there was a sign created for the dog that read “BEWARE of DOG” and featured Christmas lights around it.

Of course, collecting the notes from Karen on the porch had become exhausting at this point.

The neighbor finally came up with a solution for the relentless Karen – a box specially made for notes.

It wasn't just a normal box, of course. Let us explain...

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The Phantom Karen

The Phantom Karen

As an homage to the Phantom of the Opera (and the demanding notes he leaves behind), a note box was created for Karen.

It featured the Phantom and lyrics from the musical.

As for the display, a Christmas wreath was added but according to the Facebook post, it’s no normal weather.

This one was a portal to an “Alternate Christmas.”

Much to everyone's dismay, Karen didn't leave a new note. 

However, there was another visitor!

A FedEx driver left a note of appreciation saying it was the "funniest thing he's seen all year." 

Don’t take Karen’s silence to mean the shenanigans would come to an end!

Nothing can stop a riled-up Karen. 

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We're all sick of hearing it, but you can't have the holidays nowadays without coronavirus being included in one way or another. 

The next day, Coronavirus came to the display – a plushie that is.

Frank the Christmas Gargoyle was safe from Coronavirus thanks to a plague doctor decoration.

The following day, Karen left a new note that called her neighbor “stupid and immature.”

Apparently, used her friendship with the mayor to threaten the neighbor.

Remember what we said about who the Karen knows? They always seem to know someone important.

She also noted that her name wasn’t Karen. And oh my gosh, who would have guessed?

The bait was not taken, however, and the threat was ignored.  

Karen next notified her neighbors that she would be calling the mayor and that the HOA was already informed of their heinous actions against Christmas.

Just to show how determined she was, the newest note was placed on the porch in the rain — yes, in the rain!

One part that was particularly funny was that the newest note was placed in the box.

There was only one way to respond to this recent indiscretion...

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Home Alone

Home Alone

What kind of holiday season is it without a Home Alone display?

Kevin McAllister was added with a quote from the film: “You guys give up yet? Or are you thirsty for more?”

There were sadly no booby traps left for Karen like in the movie but let’s face it: nothing can stop a Karen anyway.

On top of that, we also got the addition of a plague doctor – someone had to hold the sign.

He was also made festive with a Christmas hat. 

But that wasn't the only thing that was introduced!

In the words of the neighbor, which we found particularly funny:

Santa isn't Santa without his elves, and a plague doctor isn't a plague doctor without his rats. 

Just three hours after adding the rats to the display, Karen delivered a new note.

This one indicated that she did not appreciate the “vermin” on the porch.

In fact, she directly wrote that she was unappreciative of the "VERMIN on [your] porch."

Along with that, the display was "horrid."

Karen also thought the neighbor's parents "Must be so proud to have raised a completely disrespectful and spiteful daughter.

On top of that, Karen decided to attack the littlest workers (the rats) by kicking them around. 

Destroying someone else's property isn't very live, laugh, love of you, Karen...

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Say No to Bullies

Say No to Bullies

The rats were patched up and set back out, but they needed more protection at this point. 

Refusing to let this Karen bully the display, the neighbor added more rats and gave the plague doctor a new face shield.

The plague doctor had to be protected against those gross, gross Karen cooties!

The neighbor also added a second gargoyle to the display.

Along with him, a note was left to remind Karen that God loves all creatures big and small. 

Of course, none of Karen’s actions are without a touch of irony.

The ironic thing is that Karen believes gargoyles are some evil thing that attracts ghosts or demons.

However, in reality, gargoyles are seen as figures that ward off evil spirits.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work on Karens.

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The Story Will Never End...

The Story Will Never End...

We're also happy to say that the neighbor didn't receive any messages from the mayor or the HOA. 

The complaints kept coming, but the neighbor wouldn't be beaten.

She sent more letters, and more things were added to the festive decor.

By now, it was taking over the whole front of the house.

There were concerns from Karen that mentioned the display was "glorifying all the Satan and witchcraft."

Because of that, Karen was "concerned about the emotional well-being of the neighborhood children."

Well, there was nothing Satanic about a festive toilet, right?

Karen left further notes saying how the neighbor needed "professional assistance."

All we can say is that we hope this battle goes on forever and the whole front is taken over by ridiculous stuffed animals, inflatables, and statues.

With that said, Merry Christmas to all and to all: remember to mind your own business.

Decorate how you want and let your neighbors decorate how they want to.

If Karen had left well enough alone, the decorations would have probably been gone by the New Year.

Because of the offenses, the neighbor has decided to make this display year-round.

People also now visit Frank the Gargoyle no matter what holiday it is!

That being said, Christmas is naturally the most extravagant.

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