Tamara Tunie

Law & Order SVU : A Look at the Actors

Faithful SVU fans know everything about the show’s characters. We can tell you exactly how old Olivia Benson is and give you details about Detective Munch’s backstory. We know all about Cragen’s alcohol addiction, Amaro’s relationship troubles, and Rollins’ family issues. The truly devoted even know facts about the actors’ real lives. In case you aren’t familiar with Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay, or the other actors outside of SVU, here's a compilation of everything you need to know in order to call yourself a true fan.

Mariska Hargitay

Besides playing a badass cop on SVU, Mariska Hargitay is also pretty awesome in real life, too. She’s been on SVU since it’s beginning in 1999 and has won both Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for her performance. Due to her role on SVU, Mariska has become an activist for victims of abuse and sexual assault. She and her husband also have three children, two of whom they adopted.

Tamara Tunie

Tunie has been on Law & Order: SVU since 2000 as everyone’s favorite medical examiner, Dr. Melinda Warner. In addition to her work on SVU, she is also known for her 22-year-role on As the World Turns and for her stage work in several Shakespearean plays. In Julius Caesar she performed alongside Denzel Washington.


Ice-T has also had a recurring role on Law & Order: SVU since 2000 as Detective Tutuola. In addition to this, he also has over 80 acting credits. It’s hard to determine whether he’s better known for his role as a hood cop on SVU or for his album O.G. Original Gangster (which arguably defined gangsta rap), but either way we love him.

Christopher Meloni

Though hearts were broken when he left Law & Order: SVU in 2011, Christopher Meloni has done well acting outside of the SVU universe. Since leaving the show he has displayed his comedic side in Surviving Jack and through producing Dirty Movie. He also had a recurring role on True Blood in 2012. However, he will always be Detective Elliot Stabler in our hearts.

Kelli Giddish

Before appearing on Law & Order: SVU as the southern-born Detective Amanda Rollins, Giddish actually starred as a rape victim in the Season 8 episode "Outsider". Outside of SVU, she had a recurring role on All My Children from 2005-2007 and starred in crime shows like Without a Trace and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Even though she did well in her other roles, we're glad Giddish found her place in SVU as our favorite southern belle.

Last Updated: May 21, 2015