Mariah Carey at an award show

Mariah Carey's 5 Best High Notes

Mariah Carey is known for many things including her failed marriage to Nick Cannon, her diva like behavior, and her butterfly obsession. She’s still probably most well known for her incredible voice. She has a dynamic range including some serious high notes. Here are 5 of her best high note performances.

  1. Her Grammy Debut
    Mariah’s first Grammy performance showcased her vocal range and introduced her talent to the world. She performed her debut single “Vision of Love” from her first album. She doesn’t hit her high note till the end but she definitely nails it.
  2. Thanksgiving Special
    During her special Thanksgiving performance of “Emotions”, Mariah hits all the right notes. 
  3. Touring Perfection
    “Fantasy” was a smash hit for Mariah in the 90’s. Here she is on her Daydream tour killing it. 
  4. The Comeback
    Mariah wasn’t producing much music in the early 2000’s but when she returned in 2005 with “We Belong Together” she climbed back up the pop charts and the vocal range with that killer sustained high note.
  5. Patriotic Spirit
    The national anthem can make or break an artist. For Mariah it’s a piece of cake. She adds in some runs and of course her signature upper range and knocks it out of the park. 
Last Updated: March 24, 2015