Calvin Harris in The Dark Knight trilogy

Michael Caine's Best Movie Roles

Our beloved Michael Caine is about to turn 82 years old on March 14th, and he’s brought so many amazing characters to life throughout the years. There’s no way we could compile a list of every great movie he’s ever been a part of, but we’ll try to refresh your memory and with a few of our personal favorites.


Without Michael Caine’s character, Professor Brand, the human race may have never made it to one of the habitable planets. Michael Caine made us feel such sympathy for this character, even though he lied to Cooper about him being able to return to Earth. Hey, he did what he had to do, right?

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Caine and his Cockney accent are perfect for the role of Bruce Wayne’s butler and eventual best friend, Alfred. One of the biggest moments was when Alfred helped Bruce discover information about the villain, Bane. Batman really wouldn’t be the hero he is today without Alfred.

"Secondhand Lions"

In this 2003 film, a young boy is sent by his mother to live with his eccentric uncles in Texas, Hub and Garth. Garth is famously portrayed by Michael Caine, and he’s described by IMDb as “eccentric,” and Caine fits the bill perfectly.

"Miss Congeniality"

Sandra Bullock isn’t the only star of this comedy; Caine’s character, Victor Melling, is the one who taught her how to walk, talk, and everything else needed to make people believe she was a real contestant, and more importantly, so she could save the day.

"The Italian Job"

The original, 1969 one of course. Caine is the star in this movie, playing Charlie Croker, who was betrayed and left to die in Italy. Then, he plots an intricate plan to steal gold from his former ally. We love Croker so much because Caine gives Croker this entertaining miscreant quality.

With 159 films to boot, Michael Caine has made quite a name for himself. He started acting in the late 1950s, but he’s still going strong to this day. He has three films in production, including Now You See Me: The Second Act, The Last Witch Hunter, and The Early Years, so be sure to check them out this year and in 2016. Happy Birthday, Michael!

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Last Updated: March 14, 2015