Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews of All Time

With all the thousands of celebrity interviews floating around the web, there are bound to be some awkward moments. These moments, however, were a bit more awkward than the rest and left us saying "WTF."

Cara Delevingne on Good Day Sacramento

Cara Delevingne is quickly becoming known more for her dry humor and sass than just her fierce eyebrows. The model-turned-actress appeared on Good Day Sacramento to promote her first major film, Paper Towns, and things got a little tense.

It started out normal enough, with questions about whether or not she read the book and how busy she is lately – but it quickly took a turn for the worse when the interviewers called Cara out for appearing “exhausted” and “irritated.” They then continued to talk smack about her after she left the interview. Real professional, guys.

Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara on The Rock 100.5 Morning Show in Atlanta

This was one interview that started out bad and just got worse as it went on. The interviewers start out by pointing out the obvious when addressing the brother-sister relationship in Fantastic Four between Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara’s characters (“You’re black and you’re white), and end by insulting Kate’s haircut.

The interview ends on a cringe-worthy note when one of the interviewers reassures Kate by telling her he’s a “toe guy” and that her toes are “fine.” Kate ultimately tries to laugh it off, but you can clearly hear her say “Wow…this is a great interview,” before someone off-camera cuts the whole thing short.

Gosselin twins on The Today Show

Kate Gosselin, aka the original most-hated mother of all time (before Kris Jenner was a thing) brought her 13-year-old twins onto The Today Show so they could talk about how much they love her, how great their life with her is, and she could make a few quick bucks. The twins weren’t having it however, and refused to speak the entire time. Kate obviously didn’t handle it too well.

Jesse Eisenberg on Romina Puga's “Say My Name”

Jesse Eisenberg is pretty well known for being exactly like the characters he plays: smart, arrogant, and a bit of a jerk. The world got a big dose of this combination when he did an interview with Romina Puga, who seems pretty new to the interviewing world in the video. He calls her out for having interview questions written on her hand, and at one point she tells him that she’s going to cry because of him – to which he tells her to cry after the interview so it doesn’t look like he did it.

Justin Bieber’s Deposition

While this isn't technically your traditional celebrity interview, it's definitely one for the books. Justin is known for his run-ins with the law, but a video of his deposition leaked when his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photographer. The video basically proved what we’ve known all along – Justin Bieber is a spoiled brat with no respect for anyone but himself. The video even ends with him winking. Cute.

Tom Cruise on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Who could ever possibly forget the time Tom Cruise declared his love for then-fiance, now ex-wife Katie Holmes by jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch? Watch the video below to relive the moment that will live in awkward interview infamy.

Charlie Sheen on ABC News

2011 was a bad year for Charlie Sheen. Even with a drug problem, porn stars, and being fired from his own show, the most awkward moment was this interview with Andrea Canning.