Netflix's 30 Most Binge-Watched TV Shows

Most people don’t watch television like they used to. Instead of tuning in each week, most of us watch episode after episode until we finish the series (or get caught up at least). Doing this is called binge-watching, and it has become an art. We get to watch series from start to finish, which is fantastic for those of us who forget things quickly. Seriously, how does anyone remember what happens on Game of Thrones without binging it?

Thanks to Netflix, binge-watching television shows is faster than ever. The TV-streaming giant even coined a new phrase called “Binge Racer.” This term applies to anyone that’s streamed an entire Netflix series or a new season in a record amount of time. Now that’s an achievement that makes my butt ache. If you’re wondering what shows are good enough to make someone sit that long, we have the answer.

Netflix has released a list of the shows people can’t seem to put down. So, if you’re looking for something to watch, or maybe something to binge race for the next 24+ hours, we have what you need. These are 30 of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix that you can enjoy today.

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