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People Share Their Horrible Bosses Horror Stories

We Seriously Can't Believe Jerry

We Seriously Can't Believe Jerry

Jerry. Jerry wouldn't let me go to the emergency room after the heavy vaginal bleeding I had been experiencing suddenly got way worse. I went over his head and got permission to go. I called my mom, told her to meet me in the ER.

The ER nurse said he'd never seen so much blood . An ER nurse said this. It's determined I need a couple of blood transfusions and will be admitted. My mom calls Jerry, who then proceeds to tell her that it's just stress, and I NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK.

At this point, I couldn't even lift my own head up, but sure, I can take a bus across town and go back to work. I ended up needing another hospital stay later for a D&C.

They found a large growth that needed a biopsy. Jerry kept insisting that it couldn't be cancer because I'd be tired and losing weight. I had lost eight pounds in a week and went to bed the minute I got home.

I was still recovering from the procedure when Jerry called me to let me know I was fired for taking too much time off. Five days later, I was diagnosed with cancer. F**k you, Jerry. F**k you.”

-- Jenny010137

Check Out This Monster Boss

Check Out This Monster Boss

I used to work in high pressure sales. Once a week the director would come in and to get everyone energized they brought in Monster drinks. She'd leave them in her office for the sales people to have. Now I liked the Director, she was nice and professional . My manager on the other hand was a piece of f**king shit dirt bag.

I got tired of drinking energy drinks so I decided to not participate this one week. My boss came to me and said, "you didn't get a monster. You know Wendy (let's call her Wendy) bought these for the entire division?"

I said I was aware of that but I didn't want one. He came up to me and said this "listen, go into that office and get one right now." I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do. So I got up, grabbed a can, walked back to my desk and just left it sitting there.

He came back and asked why I didn't drink it. I told him I didn't want to have one because my body doesn't do well with so much caffeine. He asked me to walk into his office.

Now I wasn't the best at the job, in fact I hated it. He stated to me that my lack of energy is extremely distracting to him (not to the team, him) and that it shows in my performance. He ended with "if you keep this up we may have to let you go".

All I said to him was, "ok, well that's unfortunate - but I will not drink something that takes a toll on my body."

Low and behold I ended up getting fired. I enjoyed two weeks of unemployment until I got a call back from the same company. They wanted to hire me for a different position, not sales. No interview and higher pay. I took it and I loved it. (Since moved on to better opportunity)

Now my ex-boss. He ended up being terminated for drug use (cocaine and meth). He actually had the audacity to request me to be a friend on Facebook. I didn't accept but I heard from my prior sales coworkers that he was asking for money.”

-- Orphan_Babies

Painting the Wrong Picture

Painting the Wrong Picture

My boss at the art gallery I worked for, a family business. It was awful. He would make appointments with clients, forget about it, and I would end up staying extra after work to see to the client and make sure business was taken care of.

He also had his RETIRED parents working for him, treating them like crap and yelling at them. I once heard him screaming "F**K YOU DAD" at his senior father while I was dealing with two little old ladies out front. They were so appalled that they left. His parents had no idea how to use the computer systems either so I would have to fix all of their entries at the end of the day.

Sometimes he just plain didn't show up for work and I would get stranded there at the gallery.

The last straw was when he was a week and a half late in paying me and my landlord was on my a*s for rent. He came in and I told him I needed my pay so that I could get rent to my landlord and he lost it. He started yelling at me telling me that I don't haul my weight around there and that I take how well he treats me for granted.

He then angrily wrote up my cheque and threw it in my face, calling me a b*tch. O_O He then told me to do him a favour and not come to work the next day, that I was fired. I was completely floored and mortified, it was like being in the twilight zone. What the f**k had just happened? I had never been terminated from a job in my life.

Went to my sisters house screeching because I was reeling about having lost my job so close to Christmas. I actually had to keep her from going out the door because she was ready to drive down there . . . and my sister is NOT a woman you want to get in a fight with.

Anyway, two days later he calls me telling me he was totally inappropriate, that he was under a lot of stress lately and that he needed me to come back to work the next day as he was so overwhelmed by all the Christmas orders (I also cut frames, glass for frames, mattes for pictures etc. and put them together for clients for him). Needless to say, I politely declined. -_- Every boss I have had since seems like solid gold after that guy.

TLDR: Had a deadbeat boss who used to not show up/bully his senior parents into working for him/ditch on meetings with clients. Was late paying me, when I asked for pay he threw my cheque in my face, called me a b*tch and fired me.

– Speedy_Cheese

Getting Back at the Boss

Getting Back at the Boss

I worked in a coffee shop and my manager was a scumbag.

Had two open cases against him for sexually harassing my coworkers, constantly made people work 10-12 hour shifts, made me close at 11pm and have to open the next day at 3:30am, no breaks, served spoiled food, changed our temperature logs so we wouldn't get in trouble with corporate, served burnt hours old coffee. I could go on for days.

I started doing all sorts of pranks to feel like a little bit of vengeance was taken. When he would go in the office I would put salt in his coffee, smeared jelly and sometimes put jelly donuts under his car door handles, ask friends who stopped in to park extremely close to his driver side door if I knew he was leaving soon so he'd have to crawl in the back, I changed the password on the office computer so he couldn't play solitaire when he was supposed to be helping us during rushes.

We were forced to fill out receipt surveys pretending we were customers so I would put really negative ones about him specifically.

My last month I stopped giving a sh*t and would yell at him to stop f**king around. He was from India and wasn't used to women, especially a 19yo girl, being so aggressive and not taking his sh*t.

– [deleted]

When the Boss Has Bad Turnover

When the Boss Has Bad Turnover

I have been in the same industry for almost two decades. I moved to the opposite coast and knew that without connections, I'd be pretty much starting from bottom. I was okay with that; I knew I could prove myself.

I took a freelance job with a company and they quickly offered me a permanent position. I took it. I watched as the company owner kept going through people but I didn't know the details for why people kept leaving. She said people were just high strung and kept walking off the job.

A year and half went by. It started with me too. Punitive employment practices over things that were not job related. If you said anything about being upset by it, you'd be sent home for a day or two. People were not walking off the job, she was punishing them like a parent. I began to think I should start looking for a new place.

Then Covid happened. After a few months being home, I was happy to be out of the house when I got called back to work. Once I was there, it felt like I had a target on my back. I put in an inquiry for another place. The next day I get an email asking me to come in for an interview. I schedule it and go into to work at my current place. After working a few hours, I learn my employer has reduced my compensation and had not informed me before bringing me back. I told her it was unethical.

She fired me. I get to my interview and it's with the business owner and their lead person. They ask why I want to leave my current employer and I tell them what happened. I also tell them I'm hesitant to tell them who I'd been working for because I knew the industry could be gossipy at supplier markets. The business owner says "oh you don't need to say who you've been working for; I can probably guess". And their lead says "it sounds like that Psychotic (name) over at (business name)". There are about 27 places I could have been working at and they guessed it in one.

I'd taken a particular wage+health insurance. I'd initially turned down the wage. She offered health insurance to sweeten the offer and I accepted that.

She brought me back with insurance in place for everyone but me. She insisted I was on probation (for what?) and claimed someone had told her I was looking for work elsewhere. I had told no one that, had yet to inquire with anyone she could hear it from, and I'm not one to post something like that on social media so there was no way for her to snoop it. I think she was just assuming because she's been being increasingly strange and then spiteful with me prior to the shut down.”

-- VinnyVincinny

Revenge is Best Served Cold

Revenge is Best Served Cold

so i’ve dealt with a lot of bullsh*t at my job. my managers are sexist, bigoted pigs who think they’re always right. it’s confusing for me, because they always berate me on stupid things, but they also gave me a promotion that makes me a step below a manager and two steps above a regular employee.

so i’m getting certified in food handling soon. one of the district training managers came back to give me my book (which is 150$), and my manager told me not to lose it. got it. however, that day it was raining sideways, and i didn’t bring my bag that day, so i left it in the office to bring home the next day.

apparently that wasn’t good enough. i come back the next day and it’s gone. my AM started to yell at me, asking why i’m not doing outside orders. i start getting flustered, saying i’m looking for my book, and both my AM and GM start berating me, saying i lost it.

i started to cry, but i went outside. it’s raining and cold outside too. i come back in, and my manager asks me how the rain was. he also says that i lost my book, and i just flipped out, saying, “yeah, sure, i LOST my book, that’s SO unpredictable of me.”

now this book was last left in the office on some menus. the box was half full of menus and did not have a book in it. i checked five times and my boyfriend and coworker also checked. it was NOT there. suddenly, all of the back workers are telling me i’m NOT paying for that book, that T (my coworker) saw it this morning, and that i need to ask for camera footage.

so i did. i go up to my GM in the office.

Me: so since my book is gone, i would like to look at the camera footage and find out where it is.

GM: it’s not our fault you lost it.

Me: i didn’t lose it, it was raining outside and i didn’t want to ruin it so i left it in a LOCKED OFFICE.

GM: no, you just forgot it and remembered this morning and came up with an excuse.

Me: dude, it was raining SIDEWAYS at 10 when i got out last night.

GM: uh, i was outside smoking at 10 and it wasn’t raining. you guys think i sleep at 8 or 9 but it’s more like 11 or 12 (i don’t know what this had to do with it)

Me: okay, well are you going to show me the cameras or do you know where it is?

GM: let me finish eating.

so i leave for around 15 minutes. and 15 minutes was enough. i walk back to the office, and the GM asks me if i checked all the places.

low and behold, the box of menus is now almost full, and in the middle is my book. i pick it up, laugh a little, and give my GM the dirtiest look while saying, “wow, isn’t it funny how it just happened to miraculously appear out of nowhere?”

everyone i talked to that day has noticed that they treat me like dog shit. this was my breaking point. i have received a write up for “stealing” because i threw away a drink that a manager left in the cooler because it was two weeks old. this to me is even worse. this is just messing with an employee to the point that they’re crying and shaking and only backing down when they are liable to get caught and get in trouble.


i don’t know what i’m gonna do, but i’m not taking this bullsh*t anymore.


- nikespike

Definitely NSFW

Definitely NSFW

How long should a desk top computer last in an office? Three years...maybe more?

My boss has gone through three computers in less then a year.

Why? Because he won't stop downloading porn and is too stupid to realize that's why his computers get jacked up with virus and stop working.

Years and years ago I once walked into his office and was greeted with an extreme close up of a vagina looking at me from his monitor. He knew what he was doing was wrong because he jumped up, holding his body in a way to cover the screen and asked what I wanted. "I came in for an envelope." "Of course! Here, here!" and shoved the whole box at me.

I thought he had learned his lesson but a few years later I start to notice he's getting his computer changed out a lot quicker then a new computer should last.

One day, slow Saturday. A loud beep starts coming from his computer in his office next door. I go investigate of course. And his computer, that was in sleep mood (he wasn't even working that day, he must have forgotten to shut it off the day before). was blaring this beeping. A shake of the mouse brought up one of those scams. Where it's a blue screen, with wording about how a virus has been detected. Don't shut off your computer, but call this number.

Well there's also three other tabs and from their titles it can be gathered he was having a good 'ol time yesterday with busty matures who need a spanking.



My co-worker ended up just yanking the plug out of the whole thing to get it to stop beeping.


That computer was mysteriously being carted away the next day...

Hm. I wonder why.

- chubbybunnybean

When the Boss Has a Sweet Tooth...

When the Boss Has a Sweet Tooth...

This man... OMG this man... I have too many stories to count.

He is so clueless and selfish it brings new meaning to the words.

For a long time, I'm talking years. Usually on a weekly, or at the least, every other week I'd always bring in a big box of sweets (usually pastries) for everyone. The boss, along with all of his other charming qualities, was also very lazy, and very impatient. So if he was the first one to the box, he'd usually just rip the everloving shit out of it instead of just...ya know... opening the box.

But this one takes the cake (pun intended) and it ended me bringing desserts and ruining it for everyone.

One day I bring in a box of 15 Cinnabons. That's about two for everyone (small business, not a lot of employees). I hadn't had breakfast that day so a little more after an hour later I decide to grab myself one. The entire box is missing. What?! Is it in the trash?! No...wait a second... where is Boss? I ask the only other person working that day if Boss is gone.

And she confirmed he straight up walked out of the store with the box in hand. Furious I call his wife (who is usually home) and demand she tell him to turn around the second he walks through the door and brings it back. Her response is to just giggle and say something like "oh... he never thinks..."

About fifteen minutes later he comes back into the store with the box. I look inside...EIGHT ARE GONE. That means this selfish bastard tried to take the entire box and when he got caught, took over half for himself. I said clearly, "I hope you really like those eight cinnamon buns...because I am never bringing anything in again."

That was about two years ago, I've never brought in anything for the office again.

- chubbybunnybean

Boss or Bully?

Boss or Bully?

I have been working at a nursing home for a few yrs. Some how I always get assigned the most hard to care for residents. ( it can range from their level of care to family) No one every wants my assignment and when new hires get put there they quit the next day.

Our company got bought over and many people were unhappy with the changes. My favorite ADONs resign because of this. One of the nurses got the position lets call her Jane.

I did my best to adapt to the changes. It wasn't until Jane change my assignment at the worst time of the shift. She ask me to do a shower. Well I couldn't get to it. I let the other ADON know that it was impossible for me to do it at the time they assign me to her. Jane didn't factor that it was lunch time, I had other patients and I needed to take my mandatory break ect. He understood.

The next day she calls me into the office. Interrogating me why i didn't get it done. I told her why. She then said I was coming off aggressive and some other stuff that if forgot but she was basically saying that she doesn't know why everyone thinks I'm so great. I fought back tears. I never been spoken down like that.

A few days later she held a meeting. I forgot the topic, but I stay quiet. she said my name and said something like "we don't get along because I don't praise her like everyone does...." I was like WTF?? I don't work for praises.

From there I got called into her office a few more times. I never been called on so much and it was for ridicule's things. It felt like she took it upon herself to knock me down.

Here's an example: She got after me for not finishing things quicker. Well then she stops me from working just to dance down the hall.

once She asked me a question I darted my eyes to the side to remember and she yelled "Did you just roll your eyes at me?"

Another time I was busy with someone so I didn't hear her thru the intercom. when I was done my co workers rush to me to asking if i was rebelling because it sound like a principle calling for the school troublemaker.

The latest encounter I needed a supervisor signature and she was the only one there. She ignored me because I didn't say her name. And said i had a bad habit of doing that!!!!

Now she had her kind moments and we had had a few laughs and at these times I thought maybe she's under a lot of pressure. But she got me to a point where I don't want to go to work because of her. Thankfully I was able to reduce my hours and be less stress. But I wonder if I gotten to comfortable and was to sensitive to her.

- Royal-Attitude3833

When Firing by Email Backfires...

When Firing by Email Backfires...

My first full time job was a horrible experience. I worked as an admin for a small private company that was horribly mismanaged. There were a lot of problems, but one of the biggest (and most relevant to this story) was that the owner was greedy, so if someone quit or was fired, rather than hiring someone to replace them, he’d just pass that person’s responsibilities off onto someone else and pocket the money he would have paid the new employee.

One Friday our finance/HR manager (we’ll call her Kathy) was out sick. My boss (we’ll call her Patty) asked me to go into Kathy’s office and grab a few HR files, including Kathy’s. Towards the end of the day, Patty called me into her office and handed me Kathy’s HR file and a piece of paper. She told me to type up what was written on the paper on our letterhead and then send it out to Kathy.

She said to get her address from her file, send the letter via FedEx overnight, select Saturday delivery, and request a signature upon delivery. Figuring it was something urgent and finance related, I didn’t question it. It was only once I started typing it up that I realized that it was a letter firing Kathy. I was horrified that they would take such a cowardly way to fire an executive who had worked for the company for over 10 years, but at that point, I wasn’t surprised. I did as I was told and dropped the envelope in the FedEx box outside the office on my way out.

The following Monday I had barely set my things down when Patty came storming into my office and slammed the door behind her.

“Did you send out that letter to Kathy like I told you to do on Friday?!”


“Are you 100% certain?!”

“Yes. I sent it overnight, Saturday delivery, signature required.”

“And you made sure that you put it in the box before they pick up for the day?”

“Yes, I put it in the box when I left at 5:30, and they don’t pick up until 7:30.”

“Well, OBVIOUSLY you did something wrong, because SHE’S HERE! And she doesn’t seem to have any idea that she SHOULDN’T be! You’ve made things VERY awkward for me!” and she stormed out. A few minutes later, I saw Kathy walk past my office into Patty’s office and close the door.

I logged into our corporate FedEx account and checked the tracking log for the letter. The notes said that delivery was attempted Saturday morning, but was rejected because Kathy no longer lived at that address. It turns out Kathy had moved a while back, but had been so overwhelmed with everything else that had been piled on her that she didn’t think that updating her own address in her HR file was a huge priority.

TL/DR: My boss tried to fire the person managing HR over the weekend via overnight mail. But the manager moved and was too overwhelmed with the other duties they’d piled on her to update her address in her HR file, so she never got the letter. She came in the following Monday and my boss had to fire her in person.

- coriann0226

The Promotion Lie

The Promotion Lie

I used to work as a customer service agent at a child's learning center of sorts, and made it very clear in my interview that I was hoping for this job to turn into a professional career with this business at some point down the road. I was told advancement was definitely possible, given my drive and my credentials, and I'd be kept up to date on any positions that opened up. For the time being, I was working part-time cleaning up after kids for just above minimum wage. Not exactly glamorous, but I liked the business and was desperate for work right out of college.

A few months in, one of the office positions opened up, and the duties of that job were being split up: some were going to a current worker, and the rest would go to a new hire. I expressed interest in this new position, and was told I'd receive more info soon. About a week later, after being told nothing, they hired someone in and told me I was more than welcome to work on certain projects with her. I was annoyed, but assumed it was just an oversight.

This was all during the busiest year that the business had had in recent memory, so the customer service department was swamped more often than not. My direct supervisor, who hired me initially, brought me into their office to have a one-on-one meeting about promoting me to an assistant manager position. This would give me more duties, but they ensured me I'd be trained accordingly, and that I'd be given a raise.

I accepted and was told that training/paperwork/etc. would follow soon. Their boss sent out an email to the entire staff saying that I was "taking on more responsibilities" with the business, and I assumed they couldn't officially say I'd been promoted because paperwork hadn't been filled out. Yes, I was stupid, but I was right out of college and extremely optimistic.

Cue the worst two months of work I've ever had. I was given new duties, but no training. I was told to just figure things out for the time being, and that I'd receive proper training when we weren't as busy. I was also told I wasn't doing enough, and that there were plenty of opportunities for learning and taking on more duties if I had the initiative to look for them.

So, simply put: I was being told to do tasks, but never told what tasks I should be doing. When I did try to take initiative and propose new projects I could take on, I was shot down. My boss constantly preached to the larger staff that they wanted to hear our opinions, but behind closed doors told me that what we wanted didn't really matter to them.

I was tired and beaten down, and was already thinking about looking for other work, but didn't want to let go of the slim chance that this could turn into a full-time career. The customer service department had in-person meetings about once a month to discuss our performance and any developments we needed to know about. I noticed that out meeting schedule included a section titled "Hiring Assistant Manager of Customer Service." I thought "Oh, will I finally be recognized? Am I finally getting what I've been asking for for months?" Short answer: Absolutely not.

Long answer: our boss let us know that they were looking for an assistant manager and that we would all be, in part, responsible for training them. My boss looked at me specifically, in front of all of my coworkers, who were also under the assumption that I'd been the assistant manager this entire time, and told me to take the lead on making sure the new hire was comfortable and had all of the knowledge they needed to perform their duties. It was the most humiliated I'd ever felt in my entire life. I cried the entire walk home from the meeting.

- [deleted]

Morally and Literally Bankrupt

Morally and Literally Bankrupt

This happened about 5 years ago in a small town. I do mean that it was a SMALL town. There was a bar, a gas station, a post office, the grocery store and a stop sign. We didn't even get enough traffic for a light.

I worked at that grocery store in the deli and I HATED it. The owner was a complete monster and we butted heads constantly. Luckily I worked under the deli manager who wasn't a complete jerk. The owner would deny time off and make you work off vacation time before you took it. So if you wanted to take 20 hours of vacation time, you had to find a way to work those 20 hours before you left or it was unapproved and he could schedule you during that time.

On the fateful day that started the drama, the deli manager was out and I was the only person working in that department. I was also very, very sick. I'd been out already for 2 days and the owner informed me that if I didn't come in, I would be fired.

So I dragged myself to work and set about slicing meat and cheese, while taking breaks to throw up ANYTHING-including bile and water- I might have in my stomach. I kept getting worse and worse and could barely see but the owner refused to put me in a different department or let me go home.

I'm not sure when it happened since the rest of this story is second hand and just a blur to me. I was found unconscious on the deli floor by a customer who dialed 911. The owner tried to block the EMTs from reaching the deli while telling them there was no need for them. I was loaded onto the stretcher and put into the back of the ambulance only for the owner to block them in. He wanted me to clock out before being taken to the hospital.

Mr Jerk-face owner ended up getting arrested and I got to spend 4 days in the hospital with norovirus.


His actions led to health inspectors coming in who found a whole bunch of things wrong. He was storing frozen meat on the freezer floor next to cleaning supplies. The store got shut down and later demolished.

The employees, myself included, had to sue him to get our final paychecks. He decided that it was our lack of responsibility that led to this and therefor we should pay the massive fines. I was one of the oldest employees there at 20 years old, most were high school kids.

By the end of the year the store was torn down, the owner bankrupt and in jail.

- [deleted]

A Bad Shift

A Bad Shift

So, this happened to me when I was working on my bachelor's degree. I was finishing up last classes and my store manager, (I was an asst mngr) told me that our company was restructuring the management so there would be her, a co-manager that worked the 1-10 shift, and a part time manager who worked 20 hrs per week.

Id worked there for four years as an asst manager and been promoted up a level. She made it sound like I had 6 more weeks before the change and then I would downgrade to full-time sales associate and take a small cut.

Everything went ok for a couple weeks... then I got my check.

They'd downgraded me to the 20hr associate and my check was half! I couldn't pay my rent.

My landlord was mad, but gave me some extra time with a nice big late fee. When I confronted her about it, she said that she couldn't do anything.

The manager above me helped me a fight with corporate office and got my pay fixed. I stayed about three more weeks and quit once my last class ended and I had another full time gig lined up.

The job sucked, but it was flexible when my class schedule changed... and I was a hard worker (always got great reviews and good customer surveys), but, I learned, kids, that doesn't get you anywhere. All I can say is screw her and thank you CK.

- Brisco_Discos

Brawling with the Boss

Brawling with the Boss

so my cousin got me a job at this fancy restaurant and the pay was decent so i took it , and my cousin also was a chef there , the boss was the biggest douche , humiliating everyone for nothing and making fun of my cousin because he was fat

it didn't stop there he was also physically abusive , constant slaps to the back of the neck and playing it as a joke at first he didn't play like that with me but when he got comfortable he started doing it and i didn't enjoy it

so one day he was clearly about to slap me and i covered my neck so he slapped me in the face and i have a really sensitive nose , so i lost control for a sec and squared up but then i rapidly dropped down my hands , he felt like i was challenging him and swung a hard punch at me

i had quick reflexes got down under him went behind him and tried to just hold him from the back so he cant do anything , he raged and felt disrespected , so he started like swinging elbows so i did what my muscle memory dictated, choked him and laid on my back and it was a full on deep choke

he started choking so i let go , he got up and he started said i was fired , but he looked around and all the other workers were looking

so he just said get back to work and said i wasn't really fired and couldn't shut up for the next hour on how if we were in a real fight he would have beaten me ,i worked the month only and quit , 7 days later his restaurant was closed for hazardous work environment basically the kitchen was a cockroach nest

- wolfmask21

The Case of the Stolen Drink

The Case of the Stolen Drink

we have this manager, K, who is really bad. he’s been here shorter than me and i personally work way harder than him. he just sits in the office and plays video games all day.

well one day i saw there was a drink in our cooler (where we keep produce and stuff). i asked around but it was nobody’s. so i threw it out. i had seen it in there for two weeks and i know that’s not part of health code.

K freaks out, checking cameras, and berating people about it the next day. i own up and say i’ll buy him a new one. that is, until he threatened to write me up for final warning.

for a week he went on how if i don’t buy him a new one that he’s gonna write me up. i refused because it was petty. i’m not gonna bow down to him over it.

today, he wrote me up, saying he “did me a favor” by not firing me. he had the GM on his side, saying it was theft. over a $3 drink.

i told him that he was basically fucking extorting me and that it’s ridiculous that he got mad. they tried to compare it to throwing my bag (with my wallet, keys, and other items) away. sorry, but that’s really not comparable.

i signed it, but i’m gonna make his life hell. i want him out. i can’t stand a fascist self righteous idiotic asshole anymore.