President Obama's Best Tweets

President Obama is our first viral president. Never before has a president needed to be so involved with social media or been shared and monitored via the internet so widely. Obama has kept with the times though, and this May they even let him have his own twitter handle (@POTUS). Since then he has not only tweeted about political issues, he’s held QA sessions over important issues, discussed sports with citizens looking for his opinion, and shown us his soft, down-to-Earth side in a way no other president has. Not to mention he’s got a good grasp on hashtags, but we think he has two teenage daughters to thank for that wisdom.

His very first tweet:

President Obama joined the twitterverse not only with excitement, but with a sense of humor that would be become a recurring theme in his tweets. 

This humorous and sarcastic exchange between himself and Bill Clinton:

Of course everyone loves when politicians respond to each other with disdain, but it’s even better when they’re sarcastic and friendly at the same time. Former President Clinton welcomed Obama to Twitter with a cheeky message that was responded to in kind, but clearly Obama owned the exchange.

The time he discussed the NBA with a concerned citizen on twitter:

Presidents are people too, and they also love sports. Obama wasn’t above responding to this man’s questions about the Cavaliers even though it was during a climate change Q&A. It’s refreshing to see a president talk about the pressing issues and turn around to discuss sports man-to-man.

When he posted a funny, down to earth picture: 

Everyone loves to pose with a team mascot, but Obama has set the bar. A real-life president with a bunch of mascot presidents? Plus some friendly competition? We love it.

When he tweeted this image of himself and Michelle Obama supporting the Charleston victims and their families:

President Obama hasn’t been quiet about speaking out against gun violence, but he’s also shown support and provided encouraging words for those that have been victims of the several mass shootings during his terms. This image of POTUS and FLOTUS is an example of that.

This tweet recognizing and celebrating gay marriage:

Obama has worked hard for equality over his last two terms, and this year a major hurdle was overcome. He tweeted out his excitement and happiness that marriage is finally an equal right for all.

This tweet offering advice to an aspiring politician: 

When a young woman asked the Commander and Chief for advice about becoming a politician, he responded with some wisdom that applies to all people of the world, and it wasn’t the typical answer you might hear from most politicians.

When he was willing to discuss the importance of guacamole ingredients: 

Not all issues are equally pressing, but they are all important. This year, Obama used twitter to shed light on  the importance of upholding the quality of guacamole ingredients. Is this a good use of his twitter account? Yes, because guacamole is delicious.

The time he posted this image of America’s olderst veteran:

Obama spent time with our oldest living veteran recently, and he shared this image of the two of them having a conversation. This woman is not only a hero, but also adorable in her red, white, and blue ensemble. Obama was lucky to have the honor of her time.

When he shared this image of him and his daughter admiring the fireworks on the Fourth of July:

Like all American citizens, Obama spent time with his family to admire a fireworks show on Jult Fourth. His message was honest and sweet enough, but the accompanying photo of him and his daughter watching them together is the icing on the cake.