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Quarantine Memes So Funny We Could Just Cry

The Batman Lifestyle

All my training is finally paying off!

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Operation COVID-19

The cats would like a word with the manager.

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Stocking Up on the True Essentials

Wine is the true MVP of this quarantine. Wine will get us through it.

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Catching Up

If anything, this quarantine just proves that no one ever stops learning!

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The Glasses Curse

Is it steamy in here or is it just me?

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It's Not Personal, It's Quarantine

Family ties might be wearing a little thin at this point...

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Flashbacks are Rough

Can't you hear "Fortune Son" in the background?

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A Difference of Opinion

Who knew our pets were so political?

Small Talk on Zoom

I'm pretty sure we're all doing about the same, Karen. Let's move on.

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All Quarantine and No Play

I'd take The Shining over real life at this point. 

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Ordering Pizza During a Pandemic

Drop the pizza and RUN.

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2020 Is Hittin' Different

Who knows what day it is, honestly?

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Quarantine is the New Groundhog Day

Literally every day feels the same. Time does not exist.

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Working From Home is Great

The wife is a terrible coworker. Time to find HR. 

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Alternative Toilet Paper Solutions

Here's to hoping we don't have to get creative during this quarantine...

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The family that isolates together...

"I'm sure we'll all be fine though."

The Canals of Venice Have Cleared Up

It's a miracle!

This is Never Going to End

It's like we're playing Uno with everyone in the entire world right now. 

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Marriage in Quarantine


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Suddenly Art Makes Sense!

Those chubby, naked ladies were truly ahead of their time.

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In Sickness and in Health (and in Quarantine)

I don't remember my vows saying anything about a pandemic...

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Husband's Breathing Problems

Maybe that Carole Baskin had the right idea after all...

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It's Been 87 Years!

How are we supposed to know the difference?

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Online Shopping

It was on sale, so how could I say no?

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Time Doesn't Exist

Who even knows anymore???

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Thank God It's Not the 'Rona!

Robberies > The 'Rona

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Law School Might Be a Good Idea

Some of us are looking forward to resuming normal life more than others...

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Cooking Dinner Every Night

So you're telling me I have to cook dinner every single night??? I'm tired.

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Looking Forward to a Better Tomorrow

The future is bright.

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The Mom Version of Mean Girls

The quarantine is basically Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day...

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At Least We're Saving Money?

Until I needed some extra snacks...and some candles...and some new loungewear...

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RIP Purses

Do they even know what's going on???

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Tired Moms Unite

Don't worry, grandparents, your time is coming!

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Amazon FTW

The only thing we can rely on these days is Amazon packages being delivered in two days' time.

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Introducing: Non-Essential Worker Barbie!

I feel seen.

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Business As Usual

I didn't realize how antisocial I was...until this very moment...

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That's Quarantine, Baby!

Wine drinking at 11 a.m.? Check. No pants? Check. Daily panic attack? Check and check. That's quarantine, baby.

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Pro Tips for Couples


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Driving to Your Essential Job

Ah ah ah ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive...

Drastic Times Require Drastic Measures

It's Like the World's Longest Snow Day

They'll have kids in elementary themselves before they graduate. 

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I'm Telling You, I'm FINE!!!

It's called BALANCE, Brittany.

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Sooo Many Responsibilities

Honestly I'm exhausted.

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The Princess of Genovia Knows How to Handle a Pandemic

Has anyone inquired about what's in those Genovian pears..?

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Stop Spreading!!

This is an Uno game no one should play...

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Instagram vs. Zoom

Welcome to the real me, co-workers. I haven't changed clothes in three days and my clutter is on full display.

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2020 Planners = Total Waste of Money

Can I get a refund please??

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What Kind of BS is This?!

ANOTHER email?!

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Hashtag Blessed

I don't understand what everyone is complaining about???? I could stay home ~*~fOrEvEr~*~

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Chrissy Teigen's Greatest Hits

Even in these uncertain times, we can always count on Chrissy Teigen to keep it real.

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Stay Home Like You Did on Election Day

*sips tea*

If I Have to Be on the Phone, I'm Gonna Complain

And THEN I'm gonna complain about the fact that there's no good way to get off the phone. No one has anywhere to be, so I guess we're just gonna FaceTime or Zoom until we all die...

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He Found the Cure!

Someone alert WHO.

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We All Look Like We Wanna Be Starting Something

MJ was a true visionary.

At Least My Bank Account is Thriving

Who knew cooking meals and drinking at home would save so much money???

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Literally HOW???

What is this sorcery???

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Fight Fire with Fire

Lysol reps are NOT going to be happy.

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What Pets Think About Quarantine

If only our pets knew what was really going on!

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