Shaquille O'Neal's 5 Best Moments

The big man’s birthday is coming up. Shaquille O’Neal turns 43 this year so, whatever number you know him by—Good ole number 32… or 33… or 34… or 36… or 32 a couple more times—mentally send some Happy Birthday vibes his way.

But, before you do that, take a look back at this list of Shaq’s best and most entertaining plays and moments (on and off the court), his biggest backboard-breaking dunks, and the most stanchion-shaking slams he ever threw down. Enjoy!

  1. Breaking the backboard during his rookie year.
    In a particularly memorable play, Shaq leaps to grab the rebound from a missed floater by a teammate. In the same jump, he redirects the ball and slams it down, damaging the hydraulic supports in the stanchion and causing the goal to slowly collapse. 

  2. His famous dance-off with LeBron James and Dwight Howard.
    It isn’t a basketball play, but in this clip, Shaq shows us that he never misses an opportunity to show a crowd his moves.

  3. Speaking of Shaq’s dancing.

  4. Breaking the backboard every other time.
    After his rookie year, Shaq went on to claim the lives of many other backboards. Enjoy this compilation of his most devastating slams that broke the board.

  5. His best moments according to the NBA.
    After a player retires or has an incredible season, the editors employed by the NBA will often make a top 10 video of that player’s greatest moments. I’d rather not try to out-do them, but share their hard work with you instead.

Though he’s retired from basketball, fans can still see Shaq—the entertainer that he is—as a basketball analyst for TNT, as the host of a TruTV television show, and the namesake and commentator for the Shaqtin’ a Fool segment. Oh, and like a thousand television commercials. Keep making bank, big guy, and Happy Birthday!

(Photo via keithallison, CC)