The 10 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons, Ranked

Even if you know nothing about superheroes, you probably know that there’s a ton of them. Thankfully, you do know about superheroes, and you know exactly who counts and who doesn’t. Fans have plenty to talk about, but one of the main topics of discussion which hero is stronger than another. Is Batman stronger than Superman? Which is better – superhuman strength, godlike abilities, or a utility belt. The answer usually boils down to one thing: Batman’s technology. He always has something that can weaken Superman. Well, Batman isn’t the only character that has a ton of fun little weapons that can take out nearly anything.

When you think of superhero weapons, which do you think is the most powerful? After all, he (or she) who holds the strongest weapon is the most powerful one around – or at least we like to think so. Basically, heroes that go up against something stronger than them need tech that makes up for their lack of bodily strength. That’s when they get creative, and we’re glad for it.

That’s precisely why we took the time to rank superhero weapons to find the most powerful one out there. Which one do you think is the best?

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