The 25 Most Badass Fictional Witches of All Time, Ranked

Who are the 25 most wicked fictional witches of all time? There is definitely no shortage of witches in the world of TV and movies. Thanks to franchises like Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, witches have finally had the chance to enjoy plenty of time in the limelight of pop culture these days. And they're not all green-skinned villainesses kidnapping children and flying on their brooms across the night sky, either (though we love the ones that do)—some witches are! 

While they might have originally been associated with Halloween, like vampires, witches have grown far beyond the bounds of any one holiday—the time for witches is year-round! And that's in no small part due to the contribution of the actors and their witchy characters on this list! 

We're counting down the top 25 witches that pop culture has ever given us, minus witches from literature—becuase they deserve their own list! Whether they're particularly powerful, delightfully evil, or simply have that witchy je ne sais quoi, these are the crafty conjurers that have captured the hearts and minds of viewers over the years. We didn't want to forget a witch just because she hasn't been on the screen for a while! We have something if you're a fan of classics like Maleficent and the Wicked Witch of the West, or if you're the type to enjoy the newer generation of witches like Hermione Granger and Willow Rosenberg. We know that this is sure to have plenty of your favorites! Did we forget one of your favorite witches?

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