The 25 Most Controversial Clothing Brands

Nowadays, it can be hard to sell your product. There are so many other companies that are selling the same thing, so it’s natural to try and push the limit when it comes to advertising. We’ve all seen commercials that have made us laugh or wonder what’s going on – looking at you Old Spice. Well, clothing companies have an even harder time. How are they going to sell their brand in a way that’s interesting and captures the attention of their consumers?

Some have decided a new advertising technique that ups their “edginess” factor. While it can pay off from time to time, most companies are left with an embarrassing ad that may force them to apologize for something they thought was alright. Seriously – there wasn’t a single person that suggested the ad may not be a great idea?!

We’re going over some of the most controversial clothing brands that we’ve seen over the years. Some of these companies made a little mistake that ended up blowing up in their face big time while others made a conscious decision that was far from okay. From objectifying girls to stealing designers’ ideas, here are the 25 most controversial clothing brands you may know from the fashion world!

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