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The Celebrities You Should Be Following on Instagram

Oprah Winfrey, 4.8M Followers

Whether she’s showing off her green thumb or taking selfies with our favorite celebs, Oprah is here to inspire 24/7. One glance at her Insta is enough to make you take up gardening (seriously, how juicy are those tomatoes??).

(Images via oprah)


Ronda Rousey, 7.4M Followers

Ronda's Instagram only solidifies her position as one of this generation's strongest feminist icons. Between posting candid shots from the ring and quoting everyone from Rocky Balboa to William Shakespeare, Ronda is here to inspire and motivate.

(Images via rondarousey)


Chrissy Teigen, 4.7M Followers

Chrissy Teigen is hands-down my favorite celebrity to follow on all forms of social media. She’s either cooking something delicious, being cute and pregnant, giving the world #relationshipgoals with hubby John Legend, or getting in fights with internet trolls. The Instagram life of Chrissy is anything but ordinary (and always entertaining).

(Images via chrissyteigen)


Demi Lovato, 32.2M Followers

Demi is one of the biggest voices for body positivity of our generation. She uses Instagram as a platform for encouraging her fans to be confident, and to let their inner beauty shine. She also participates in #NoMakeupMonday, baring her beautiful, makeup-free, freckled face and encouraging her fans to do the same.

(Images via ddlovato)


Shay Mitchell, 10.3M Followers

I have a love/hate relationship with following Shay on Insta, and both reasons have to do with how ridiculously perfect she is. That sunkissed skin, those long, toned legs...Can you say #girlcrush? (Also, one word: Buttahbenzo. ‘Nuff said.)

(Images via shaym)


Vanessa Hudgens, 14.6M Followers

Vanessa’s Instagram is basically just one giant boho-inspired Pinterest board. Between music festivals, behind-the-scenes glimpses at red carpet events, selfies with her boo Austin Butler, and major nail art candy, Vanessa Hudgens is living the bohemian dream.

(Images via vanessahudgens)


Anna Kendrick, 5.2M Followers

Anna’s Instagram account is everything you would imagine it to be: lots of snark, funny-faced selfies, and behind-the-scenes glimpses at your favorite movies.

(Images via annakendrick47)


Blake Lively, 5.9M Followers

Blake Lively is the perfect mix of fab and funny, and her Insta is here to prove it. No matter how flawless the selfie, Blake’s captions will always make you do a double-take. Oh, and every now and then she posts pictures of her dreamboat husband. So there’s that.

(Images via blakelively)


Taylor Swift, 63.4M Followers

If you like kitties, girl squads, and thrift shopping, T. Swizzle is your girl. She’s also famous for stalking her followers, so who knows? You could get lucky!

(Images via taylorswift)


Mindy Kaling, 2.1M Followers

Mindy keeps it real 24/7. She loves posting makeup-free selfies, zit-cream-filled selfies, and selfies with her equally funny co-stars -- and we love her all the more for it.

(Images via mindykaling)


Chelsea Handler, 1.9M Followers

Chelsea Handler is the world’s biggest hot mess, and she has no shame in posting the proof to her Instagram. Fair warning, Chelsea’s account contains a lot of nudity. Like, a lot.

(Images via chelseahandler)


Lupita Nyong'o, 2.2M Followers

Lupita’s Instagram feed is like a documentary of her rise to stardom. She posts a lot of candids from glamorous Hollywood events, but she keeps it real by doing the whole Taylor-Swift-I-can’t-believe-I’m-so-lucky thing. And she’s just so effing CUTE while she does it. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t love this girl?

(Images via lupitanyongo)


Any of the Kardashians

Seriously, if you follow one, you follow them all.

(Images via khloekardashian, kimkardashian, & kendalljenner)