The clock strikes midnight

The Lazy Girl's Ultimate Guide to New Year's Eve

Whether you’re single, not into crowds, or you’re just feeling plain lazy, celebrating New Year’s Eve can be just as much fun from the comfort of your living room. Here’s what you need to do NYE lazy girl style.

The Wardrobe
If you’re a true lazy girl, you should already know the dress code: pajamas. You’re in your own home, so you might as well get comfy. And if you must take pictures, take selfies only so that the world will only see you from the neck up (unless you want to show off your cute NYE pajamas).

The Drink
Andre champagne: because there’s nothing better or cheaper. Not sure which flavor to get (because there’s so many to choose from)? Take this personality quiz to find the perfect Andre flavor for you.

The Menu
Can you honestly think of anything lazier than a delivery pizza? All it takes is one phone call and you could easily feed the masses (or just eat it all yourself). Admit it: there’s no other combination that sounds better than pizza and champagne.

The Guest List
Single? Invite all your single, equally lazy girlfriends over. Taken? Make it a romantic night in with your significant other. Basically anyone can be on your guest list; just make sure you don’t invite that one friend who documents everything on Instagram. Lazy people only.

The Finishing Touches
If you’re feeling extra festive, put on your best party hats, funky 2015 glasses, fill your home with balloons, hand out some noisy party horns, throw some glitter, and make this a NYE to remember. Or don't. No judgment here.

Last Updated: December 30, 2014