The Most Overrated People in History, According to Reddit

In history class, we always learn about the same events that were completed by the same people. But here’s the thing: sometimes those stories are seriously inflated. Even stories about the bravest and most intelligent generals have been widely overinflated—we’re talking about George Washington.

After doing a little digging, it isn’t easy to see that a lot of the people we’ve held to high esteem are less cool than we thought. Sure, they may have done something great, but it wasn’t like they saved the world. Basically, they’re severely overrated.

Heck, did you know that Guy Fawkes completely screwed up his mission? After reading about his history, it’s a wonder anyone looks at him as being some kind of hero. In fact, we have 25 other people that are totally overrated and don’t really deserve the fame they get. 

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